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  1. LocoTex liked bearclaw's post in the thread NGD... First Tele.

    I just received my first Tele today! I got a new player series in Capri orange. One of my favorite colors. I looked for it in the past,...

    9694A8E5-2577-4809-A6FB-76131C5CDC5D.jpeg 8F9147B6-565E-4479-AFDE-67F7F9CFF7A4.jpeg A16BA797-689C-442B-8E91-AE48739998FE.jpeg Jul 20, 2019 at 7:04 PM
  2. LocoTex liked Matthias's post in the thread Gonna replace my SG with a 2nd Tele. What pickups could come close??.

    A lil ‘59 perhaps in the bridge, a Gibson 57 Classic or 490r (490rs are quite affordable and stock on SGs) in the neck, and a 0.047uf...

    Jul 20, 2019 at 7:03 PM
  3. LocoTex liked ricknbaker's post in the thread Concert Pairings.

    Checkout the bottom of the bill: [ATTACH]

    1967 08.14 Hermans Hermits & The Who poster.png Jul 17, 2019 at 4:04 PM
  4. LocoTex liked Aaron1061's post in the thread American Professional Telecaster - Review.

    I got a 2016 American Professional Telecaster in Butterscotch Blonde 2 weeks ago and have come down the initial cupcake phase to look at...

    00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190709200707464_COVER.jpg IMG_20190709_200554.jpg Jul 17, 2019 at 3:58 PM
  5. LocoTex liked Corvus's post in the thread Vintera 50's Telecaster Review.

    I've played a number of Teles over the last many years including 60's; 70's; 80's Standard; Classics, Vintage Vibes, Squiers and my...

    Vinteart01.jpg Vintera T04.jpg Vinterat06.jpg Vinterat03.jpg Jul 16, 2019 at 2:13 PM
  6. LocoTex liked tarheelbob's post in the thread So, this came in the mail today....

    *In your lowest, menacing voice* "I'm Batman..."

    Jul 15, 2019 at 6:27 PM
  7. LocoTex liked Mike R.'s post in the thread Who here leaves their Tele controls stock?.

    Im curious. Do people here prefer to just not mess with their controls and leave them stock? *Stock = The way they arrive from Fender...

    Jul 15, 2019 at 1:55 PM
  8. LocoTex liked DHart's post in the thread They change Player Series Telecaster again?.

    Anyone for a return of Mystic Red? (A very loved favorite of mine.). I was able to snag both a Strat and a Tele in this color. They...

    Jul 15, 2019 at 1:55 PM
  9. LocoTex liked Sean Mac's post in the thread Iceland is larger than Ireland.

    The Vikings took many Irish girls as slaves back in the day. So there is plenty of mitochondrial Irish in the Icelandic DNA. :)

    Jul 14, 2019
  10. LocoTex liked jhundt's post in the thread Vintage Levi jeans.

    Have you ever looked at the Levi's website? The offer exact reproductions of many of their older models. It is really quite interesting....

    Jul 14, 2019
  11. LocoTex liked lammie200's post in the thread Vintage Levi jeans.

    Levis makes countless styles now and they discontinue them ad hoc and sometimes aren't even consistent with the style number and the...

    Jul 14, 2019
  12. LocoTex liked ab2012's post in the thread Vintage Levi jeans.

    I still have a pair of 501 American made jeans. I’m 60..and they still fit.

    Jul 14, 2019
  13. LocoTex liked netgear69's post in the thread Vintage Levi jeans.

    The CEO of Gibson is to blame

    Jul 14, 2019
  14. LocoTex liked Harry Styron's post in the thread Any square dancers here?.

    I went to a few square dances last winter while my wife was away assisting with grand babies, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed...

    Jul 14, 2019
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