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    My latest headache

    This new version sounds good to me! All the versions do. Don't get discouraged. One of the things i thought was "Is he using a subwoofer?" I think bass/low end might be the hardest part to get right, and monitoring is a big part of it. Many headphones made for listening will have "hyped"...
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    focusrite 2i2 and sm57 for recording guitar

    You could go for a nice simple clean tone with your 57 up close, and add "space" in software with a room setting/preset on a reverb, if you have one that does that.
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    My latest headache

    I like it too! Love the 80's vibe. I agree about the kick, or maybe the low end in general. A stronger/punchier kick might be all it needs for that? Sounds like version 2 has a bigger bass guitar sound? But.. It didn't give me a headache at all :) .
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    Might as well post a mix

    HAHA, thanks getbent. Funny you say that. Afterward, I had the thought I think I subconsciously ripped off "Heavy Metal", at least in spirit, by Don Felder.
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    Might as well post a mix

    I don't think I've done this before. At least not with something "original". I use the quotes because this is something I did where my rules were... No rules. It can be derivative, cliche, simple. It can be a ripoff. No judgement, I just started and saw where it went. It is cliche...
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    Reverb pedal for Vibro Champ

    There's a lot of good ones these days that you can't go wrong with. Just pick one you like, and forget what we think :) The answers here support my point. Everybody has their favorite. If you like it, you're happy, and I guarantee no one you play for is going to come up and tell you they...
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    Country w/o compressor, doable and sound good?

    Redd Volkaert said here one time that when he played with Merle Haggard, he insisted on Redd using a Fender amp with a Tele plugged straight in, no effects. Listen to "Live at Billy Bob's" for your answer. I'll help: It sounds amazing.
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    NPD! EHX Ram’s Head Big Muff Reissue Review!

    I have a Green Reissue, and I like it as much if not more on bass. It's great on guitar too, but has a lot of low end. I actually cut some bass with a boss eq to make it tighter for guitar.
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    Date confusion/question MIM Classic Series 50's Tele

    I have never seen a poly white Blonde turn that color, that's "Butterscotch". I have a 1971 poly white Blonde and it is still much whiter than that after 50 years.
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    NGD - 1999 50s Classic tele (MIM)

    Green Scotch Brite pads, lightly hit the back of the neck with it. Just rough up the finish slightly, you don't have to sand off the finish.
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    2011 MIM standard Tele - questions

    It's probably alder and it's probably a well made Tele. No worries or issues with that year range or any year range really. In my opinion these might be the best bang for the buck, and as soon as you start paying more you get diminishing returns on a Tele. Possibly beat in the bang for buck...
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    My "Engine" Light came on in my car...take it to the dealer?

    Even if you take it to a dealer, if you tell them you had it scanned and it's (such and such) you come off as more knowledgeable and are less likely to get taken for a ride. My repair shop loves me because I usually bring it in and tell them exactly what it needs :p Finding a good honest repair...
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    "BoogerMan" closes door on Woodshed v. 2

    Great news on the personal front! Boogerman sounds great.
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    Normalizing overdrive output volume: what pedal do I need?

    Volume pedal at the end of the chain works for me. Actually, I put my delay after it only, so i can cut it and the delays still finish.
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    Is Redds guitar buzzing?

    It isn't a bad setup if Redd likes it that way. Maybe it's bad FOR YOU, but it obviously isn't holding Redd back. James Taylor is another guy who has a lot of fret buzz. I think the point made about how a lot of really good players (and average ones too :p ) don't worry about guitars sounding...