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    Got to talk about my Eart.

    Why did Tom leave Eart? Yep, I liked my headless Eart too!
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    So I need "wife" advice.

    My wife likes changing the bathroom floor once in a while. I'm used to changing wax seals already. But I agree with the others here, if your wife is happy to spend labor cost because she cares for you - go for it! At my age, I would have somebody else do it if money allows it.
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    Best Looking Tele? Let's see pictures.

    I really like the Kotzen Telecaster. I will have one someday. I mean... how can you not?
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    Dog photo thread!

    Currently 9 months old, our baby Yumi. She's a Shih Tzu.
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    Do you Use the Library?

    By the way, when I take the family to the library, they all go to their favorite sections, while I go to the magazines, grab a stack of guitar magazines, then sit on a comfy couch in the lounge and read. I don't need to buy ny own guitar magazines.
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    Do you Use the Library?

    When my kids were younger, not so long ago, going to the library was part of our weekend ritual. Video games for their consoles were free, so there was no need to buy. Movies were free too. My kids gonthe library on their own now. They borrow board games, anime books, etc. Public libraries are...
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    Anyone else tired of digital amps?

    Even big bands like Metallica has made the switch because of convenience. A huge majority of the audience couldn't tell the difference. I embrace technology, but still respect tubes. Through digital simulations, I wouldn't have been able to try out how the variety of popular amps, cabs, pedals...
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    John Mayer…. Could of fooled me

    As a teacher, I have to bring up simple grammar corrections too, in an appropriate manner though. I'm not good at grammar either because I don't teach ELA, but I would like the international community regard us better especially that we live in an English speaking country.
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    Try some Artecs..

    I put in Artec Giovanni Alnico full rails in my CV Tele before. It was awesome!
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    Does science play an essential role in your life?

    Yeah, as a living. I teach science in middle school. I also used to be a civil engineer using science in construction technology.
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    I found a tear in the Matrix:

    The blue pill will give you more hours of fun!!!!
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    Is your wife ever right?

    I totally understand that! I have 1.5 bachelor degrees and 2 master degrees. My wife has 1 degree. I am not belittling it, but I am still always wrong and she's always right. I think men uses 90% logic and 10% sentiments/sensitivity. Women uses 50% logic and 50% sentiments. However, the ratio...
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    Is your wife ever right?

    I agree with your wife on this one. Lucky man! My wife is always right. Even when she's wrong, she's still right. Because of that, I don't even know myself if am right or wrong anymore. She backed up into my car one morning. She yelled at me why I parked there. I said, you have the newest car...
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    Paul Reed Smith owners unite.

    I love my chugger Darth Paul! It's a customized S2 Standard 22.
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    I am looking to buy a new modeling amp, but which one?

    Tske a look at stand alone modelers plus FRFR cabs. There are a lot of modeler choices nowadays that are awesome from budget to high end. I was happy with my Boss GT-100 + FRFR108. I have upgraded since then to a Headrush Gigboard and 2 FRFR108s for stereo and I am happier! With this rig, you...

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