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    Do you use a compressor?

    The rated noise floor is very low on the Deluxe -100dBV.
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    Dunlop EP101 in effects loop?

    Never tried it, and not sure if you figured it out, but try emailing Dunlop, they are usually very helpful. Good luck.
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    Do you use a compressor?

    Thanks, I had the Keeley Comp Plus, but felt it was a bit too noisy even at lower settings. Torn between the Boss CP-1X and the MXR right now.
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    Klon(e) with Boss CP-1X compressor noise?

    Has anyone tried the Boss CP-1X with a Klon(e)? Asking because I hear that the Boss boosts the internal voltage to 18 volts, like the Klon charge pump circuit does, so curious if this causes the so-called 'heterodyning' whiny noise that Klons can have with certain pedals, i.e. some Strymon's and...
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    Do you use a compressor?

    Thanks. The Dyna Comp Deluxe has that 'attack' switch as you mentioned, so curious with humbuckers is it better to engage it so light is on, or keep it off? The MXR seems very similar to the Keeley Comp Plus in design anyway. Cheers.
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    Do you use a compressor?

    Curious how the Dyna Comp Deluxe works with humbuckers, if you have tried that combo? Hear most Dyna comps tend to be too dark w/hb's. But maybe the blend and tone controls on the Deluxe help w/that. Thanks!
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    RIP Hugh Hefner

    RIP Hef, hopefully he died with a smile on his face and a few Playboy girls next to him.
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    Dover Drive vs Golden Cello

    Anyone compare these two? Hear the Golden Cello isn't as good. Saw Eric Johnson has a Dover on his small gig board.
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    Problem Selling on Reverb

    Better watch out selling on Ebay. Buyer might get it not like it and say it's defective or misrepresented, and want to return for a refund. You'll be left holding the bag, losing the final value fees and paying for return shipping. Ebay has a very liberal return policy and they believe the buyer...
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    NPD: OCD V2

    Wanted to get one, but I heard these were kind of dark sounding and most guys liked the earlier versions better. Has anyone compared it to some of the earlier ones?
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    Wampler Velvet Fuzz

    What did you think it would make you sound like EJ and you are blaming Wampler that it didn't? Also, most fuzzes have hiss and make noise, pickup radio signals, but that isn't a defect, just the nature of the beast. When you play in a band situation, that noise gets drowned out. I tried one...
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    selling gear on EBay

    My friend sold a Boss delay pedal on Ebay few years ago, and guy returned it claiming it was defective. It wasn't of course, buyer just didn't like the sound I guess and used that has an excuse to send it back. Sad.
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    selling gear on EBay

    Anyone have luck selling gear on EBay or is better? Same fees I think. Hear a lot of horror stories about Ebay buyers. Is Reverb better?
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    Pedal Disappointment

    I feel that way about Andy at PGS demos. Curious which pedals did you have this happen with? I hated the DLS MKIII in person, but loved the demos.