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    String through conversion on a Bigsby

    I've got a Gretsch 6129 with a Bigsby. I've seen Bigsbys with a string through feature as opposed to mine in which the string ball ends go over the mounting pins. Can the string through rod part be ordered from Bigsby and put on in place of the pin style? Just curious.
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    Maximum length for speaker wire?

    yeah you are right 10ga x30 will work fine
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    NAD ...DV Mark Little Jazz

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    Help cleaning guitar speaker, please

    put it out in the sunlight and let it set
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    Well HI

    you welcome
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    Should I Buy A WEM Dominator mkii?

    yeah, i think it's worth..
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    Got a Danocaster on the way......

    i have got this on sale
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    How to remove phase inverter tube from design?

    let see pictures
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    do you read music ? If yes , "the advancing guitarist" Mick Goodrick is excellent and not only for jazz music, it's great to understand a lot of music and guitar. I spent many, many hours working with this book.
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    perfect guitar

    In your opinion, what would you describe as the best all-round guitar, either currently produced or out-of-production, and what makes it so amazing? just for fun
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    Need Advice: A Tiny Amp for Travel

    i did recommend Blackstar Fly, that should fit the bill
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    FS Linn sondex CD12 cd player

    sold years back
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    Cannot log out.

    I think this should be in the problems/issues forum Sent from my DRA-LX5 using Tapatalk