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    The offical unoffical post anything thread.

    This is what I recommend.
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    Introducing my guitars (and me)

    I hope you play the heck out of all those guitars and basses!!
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    Funny Band Names

    What Did You Expect
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    NGD: Fender Mod Shop Hardtail Stratocaster (Sherwood Green)

    I’d like to see pictures of the other guitars mounted on the wall behind your new Strat
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    “Florida Man” strikes again..

    They retrieved the key. Here’s the evidence photo.
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    “Florida Man” strikes again..

    I’m just trying to figure out how he was going to use that key from the inside of his heinie. He must have mad skills with his buns.
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    Make up a lie about the poster above you - part 3

    Easy can do the same. And he doesn’t even have teeth...... according to the guys in cell block D.
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    Hello from California

    Welcome to the madness!
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    Justin Johnson

    That reminds me of the time an elephant saw a naked man and said “that’s cute but can you pick up any peanuts with it?”
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    Your “list”

    I’d love The Loar LM110 mandolin. Maybe I should start saving my pennies.
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    Funny Band Names

    Doesn’t Play Well With Others
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    I'm gettin' tired of this...

    I still remember tuning up my dad’s flattop, then mine, then getting his Flatt and Scruggs albums ready so when he got home from work we could play along with his albums. Now he’s gone, I still play along with Flatt and Scruggs on YouTube. I know you really want to gig. I’m glad one day you will.
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    I did a thing. With paint and stuff.

    That’s really good. I can barely draw stick figures. No, really.
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    Funny Band Names

    Funky Junk