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    Do You Cook?

    Yup,enjoy the cooking part n enjoy the eating part too
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    Sixty years ago today, I was nineteen years old.

    Enjoy and best wishes sir
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    Is Antonio Brown worth the aggravation?

    Well he was generous with his bag of gummy dick candies .... so there is that.
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    Confession hemorrhoid transplant recovery took longer than expected.
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    For the umpteenth time This Is Spinal Tap is on and after a short time I just have to move along and find something else to watch or even nothing at all. Will I go to he'll for this I wonder?
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    There's always a reason to buy new gear, Danelectro

    Hey,good luck with that.
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    Tacoma I-5 Sign

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    How Bored Am I?

    Rotate your shoelaces yet?
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    Finnan Haddie

    Going over to my son's for dinner he's making Finnan Haddie
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    Wise words from Uncle Burt

    Never pass.up an.opportunity to shut the hell up
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    Wise words from Uncle Burt

    You can't beat a monkey in a s**t fight
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    Mater Sandwich

    Same here last two weeks fresh from my garden I Iike Best Foods mayo and black pepper with basil and dill from my own garden
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    Well I had to do something before I ended up in the "Show us your rig" thread. :)
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    Not wild about being people’s guy

    There may be a mo' betta kine way to talk brudda;)
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    Not wild about being people’s guy

    No **** :)