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    24 Years

    Congrats FR!! That's a great accomplishment!! It's also a great feeling to know that those around you support and care about you 100%. Keep it up, you're worth it. BTW you probably weren't that good at playing pool..... ;)
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    Logging and Messina live 2005 “Angry Eyes”…

    One of my most memorable concerts was seeing them under the stars in probably 72-73 at Andrews Amphitheater on the University of Hawaii campus. I was living off campus with some college buddies and after some "refreshments" walked up to the venue and what a show. Sittin In was one of those...
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    I hit 60 and feel the hand of time on my shoulder… anyone else feel a “musical urgency?”

    You guys are still young but you're right, things seem to move pretty quickly these days. I really don't feel an "urgency" but, I have started to put together some recordings of my favs and someday will hand out copies to my kids and grandkids. Work in progress.....
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    What’s is Your Real-World Minimum Pedal Board?

    For my 70's Vibro champ: reverb pedal For my 65 PRRI: BD2 These aren't really essential as most of the time I play with just tremolo on the VC and maybe a little Reverb and tremolo on the PR
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    I got a couple: You're going to go blind if you....... We landed on the moon.....
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    Trying to authenticate a "1 of a kind" special edition 2012 telecaster

    1st off: is the guitar priced as a Squire, MIM, MIJ, or American Standard? I personally have never seen that "Special Edition" button on the back of the headstock. I agree that the bridge plate doesn't look authentic. If it's priced higher than a squire, I would ask the seller for pics of the...
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    Scam from a former classmate, sort of.

    Good for all of you that realized ahead of time and avoided what could have been a bad experience. My rules are: If my phone rings and it's not on my list of contacts, don't answer. If it's legit, they will leave a message. Don't click on ANY attachments to emails, unless absolutely sure that...
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    Best modern single speaker all tube amp with reverb for surf.

    Hey NR, I don't know if you're "tied" to your SFTR, but.... have you considered maybe selling your Twin and being able to get whatever you want? I know sometimes it's difficult to get rid of "vintage" stuff but it could be a good move. I've moved on from the twins, vibroluxes, bandmasters...
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    Philosophy of the sandwich

    I agree that without the bread it's not a sammich but... I'm +1 on the Bacon!! you can skip the lettuce but without the bread, tomato, bacon, and mayo, it's not even close.
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    Seven solo home runs—but it’s the Angels, so…

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    I don't know if this is true.....

    Oh no!! Is this going to turn into the 4/32" vs 1/8" discussion that appeared on this forum a couple of months ago.....
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    "Comin' down!"

    I played 1st base and outfield so I wasn't involved with that.... unless the catcher overthrew the bag....
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    Delay in finding my delay

    This is what I use. I'm still working through all of the features but I like what I've tried so far. If you want more detailed info, look it up online. Keeley 30ms double tracker Good luck in your search
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    What metronome do you use for practicing?

    Wow, it's surprising to me that so many of you use metronomes. I never would have guessed..... Nothing negative, just unexpected. the beat goes on....