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    Fender 57 custom champ. Thoughts? Stew Mac kit?

    Go to Monoprice and check out their two “Backstage” models. The smaller one is like the champ. I have the larger one - and it’s better than most amps I’ve played under $700.
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    Why is your Tube amp better that a Monoprice Stageright 15w?

    I wish I could find one - they look great. Sold out in the US
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    Negotiating with GC or MF or other online Used Guitar/Amp retailers?

    Can anyone share what techniques worked for negotiating a discount off a listed price for a Used Guitar, Used Amp, Used Effect on the major online retailers who sell used stuff? (GC, MF, SW, MB, etc) I've often called these stores and asked for a few dollars off - and its been hit or miss - and...
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    Monoprice Stage Right 15w vs 5w? Anyone ever compare side by side?

    i have a Stageright 15W amp, but I'm intrigued by the 5W (using 6V6GT and one 12AX7), and the the 15W using two EL84 and three 12AX7 - sure the 15W is louder with the 12" speaker. But has anyone ever tested them side by side in a practice space/bedroom? I would think you could drive a 12"...
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    Suggestions for a Rockabilly/Jazz Tube amp for bedroom practice - under $800 new/$500 Used?

    I used to have the Vintage47 Bronson - similar to the one you link too...AND SOLD IT!!!! It's one of those mistakes I kick myself for - it was a great amp. They come and go so quickly on reverb... A little to high priced for me - but that's my ideal amp, really. Thanks.
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    Suggestions for a Rockabilly/Jazz Tube amp for bedroom practice - under $800 new/$500 Used?

    My old amp is doomed - and I've been looking around for a while. I play pretty clean Jazz/Rockabilly - but I like the octal pre-amp crunch too. What combo amps could you suggest that go for under $1000 new or $500 used? I'd like to have a 12" speaker, but could go to a 10" if that helps...
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    Jr. Barnyard Clone for less $$$?

    Anyone come across an alternative to the Nocturne Jr. Barnyard old-style Preamp pedal? There's got to be other similar pedals out there that emulate Octal Preamps, but haven't been able to find them. Thanks.
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    Need a SIMPLE 4 track recorder. Suggestions?

    Hi. I would like to get my hands on a simple 4 track recorder to record my music. I have GarageBand - but I really just need a 4 track that I can use as a standaloneunit. Really- I think I just need a tape based 4 track analog cassette recorder - but those seem hard to come by, and immpossible...
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    Guitarists on greatest Christmas songs: Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree and Jingle Bell Rock

    I believe it was Grady Martin on Jingle Bell Rock and Hank Garland on Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree or do I have it flipped around??? Anyone disagree? Also - I believe Grady did the awesome guitar work in Elvis, Devil In Disguise - made infamous by the Disney Film "Lilo and Stitch". I...
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    In praise of an EQ Pedal - now what?

    Upon recommendations of a kind member in another thread, I’ve purchased a MXR Eq pedal and I’m using it with my Monoprice 15 w combo amp. What a huge difference! To be honest - with this combo - I’m on for $350 total, and it sounds better than any amp for twice the price in GC. I cannot...
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    Gibson GA- Clones?

    Thank you for this. I am tempted to build one - I’m pretty good with a soldering iron - but little experience with an ohm meter. My concern is that I’d get done building and have hum or noise or no sound. And I’d be trapped in troubleshooting hell. I used to try and build stuff from the old...
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    Gibson GA- Clones?

    Anyone know of combo amp makers that clone the Gibson GA-? (Not the GA-5)... I know you can get a GA-5 pretty reasonably, fully built or kit. But I'm talking about the Gibson tube amp with 10" or 12" speaker combo's. I'm presuming they must be very expensive to build - because they're not...
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    Why is your Tube amp better that a Monoprice Stageright 15w?

    Pardon my ignorance - if the amp has a 3 knob eq (Bass, Mid, Treble) plus it has a "Tone" control, how does an external EQ Pedal help? I only know of EQ's from Stereo use - never tried one with a guitar. Thanks.
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    Why is your Tube amp better that a Monoprice Stageright 15w?

    Thank you for taking the time to reply so thoughtfully - I’m checking out the VHt’s. You’ve hit all my major checkboxes.