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    With the most profound...... Bill Lawrence RIP

    Back in 1975, when i built my first guitar with the help of my late brother, i bought some Framus "Billy Lorento" strings for this guitar. . . he and his products stayed with me ever since and always will . . great man, great pickups!
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    I Believe I Am The All - Time Greatest Dumb Person On TDPRI

    We always had some blank 6mm cartridges at home to scare the birds out of the wineyards. One day i grabbed one, went to the forge, put it on an anvil and beat on it with a lump hammer . . A big BANG, and the hammer was catapulted from my hand right through the forge. I was shocked by the...
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    Had a lifestyle change over the weekend

    Been there in '95. 35 years old, i suffered from severe headache caused by a dislocated cervical. A chiropractor, wo tried to set things right hurt the artery vertebralis and instantly i went to the ground. A tiny piece of the artery had blocked the bloodflow to a part of my cerebellum that...
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    All Time Favourite Movie Quotes

    And remember: no matter where you go . . there you are! Buckaroo Banzai
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    NEW YORKERS! Help on first visit!

    We were in New York in February and stayed in the Wyndham Garden, Chinatown. A new Hotel, not very big but great service and very nice and clean rooms. Via priceline we got a double room for 85 plus tax . . In walking distance were many bars and clubs that had live music, like the living...
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    Achtung!! German enlist right here ;)

    Euren . . das ist ja ganz am anderen Ende des Stadtgebiets . . :wink: Aber leider nein. Noch lebend?
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    Live Clip Of My Band

    Really like the sound of your tele. And when the bass player bypasses his fart-box i like his sound too! :mrgreen:
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    Wilkinson bridge upgrade for my MIM Tele

    Mint green on sunburst . . :-)
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    Oh. My. God. Deal of the century today... EVH CONTENT.

    I bet he forgot about the pics! Helluva deal though!
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    Greetings from Germany

    Welcome guys to one of the finest places in the world wide web! :grin:
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    Headstock decsls

    Facepalm . . !
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    Achtung!! German enlist right here ;)

    Trier . . in the most western west. More west and you're in France!
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    RIP Dangerous Dan Toler

    RIP Dangerous Dan. Your music lives on! WfM6nRVBvGs
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    Good news (or why my projects aren't finished)

    Congrats! You got to get yourself a video surveillence system to secure your house . . ;-)