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    Americas BEST comedian attacked!

    That's because all the other comedians you've seen saw George Carlin)
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    Alcohol: A life ruiner

    This subject is actually very important for TDPRI. As musicians, we basically work, in many situations, for the alcohol and tobacco industries: the money that supports the clubs, honky tonks, venues of many kinds is quite often directly from alcohol and and tobacco sales. And we are "masters of...
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    Best quotes in the history of rock and roll......

    "What is Cheap Trick? Four great guys and three great chords." Robin Zander
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    Best quotes in the history of rock and roll......

    "Old man take a look at my life, I'm a lot like you were.... Thank God somebody had a pen in the bar that night." Tom Waits
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    The Real Florida at 8:17PM

    Great area. I really like Appalachicola; great town. And, oddly enough, Mayo)
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    The Real Florida at 8:17PM

    I'm homesick! Springs! Manatees! Beautiful.
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    Weirdest guitars used by well known and Pro level players.

    Taste and opinion are, of course, individual... but just because I feel like writing it, I really like the Wandre - I want one - and think all the others in the chain are hideous. (your mileage will almost certainly vary...))) Edit: I spoke too soon... now there are others I like - the Supro...
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    Hardtails are so rare

    One of my favorite guitars ever was a hardtail partscaster I had stolen from me in Los Angeles in the early '80's (after a show at the then-Central/now-Viper Room, along with a whole band's worth of gear). I'm still looking for it... if anyone ever saw it, it has a custom made preamp inside...))
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    Tremolo technique tips for Recuerdos de La Alhambra

    My best tip isn't exactly an easy one, but it's good, sonically: doing the tremolo flamenco style - groups of five instead of four - sounds great) (Instead of p-a-m-i it's p-i-a-m-i).
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    REPO MAN: the film

    Brilliant film.
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    In appreciation of Italian food.

    100% The day the tour crosses into Italy is always a day for celebration; the first coffee at the first truck stop is life affirming.
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    Tell us your single favorite OD pedal!

    Blackstone Appliances Mosfet Overdrive: it just sounds like I was able to turn my amp up enough)
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    So I just watched "Get Back"

    Well, I've owned Twins all my life and with those kind of monitors (for the vocals) you couldn't really turn them up to what I think of their "sweet spot"... but then I guess that's my point: they didn't need to: they're the Beatles and I'm a mere mortal) Vox amps are much more forgiving, in my...
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    So I just watched "Get Back"

    Exactly... they got up on the stage/roof with no pedals and the least friendly amps Fender makes and killed it.
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    Recommend a small modelling multi-effect processor for travel

    I would say that there's probably something from Zoom that will fit that bill.