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  • Amp now sounds great. BUT... you got me thinking watching our videos with the 6L6's & larger OT. I noticed you've posted a few videos recently (amazing tone), but I don't see a thread regarding recent changes to your AO-29 Plexi. Any link, or info, or is the amp as it was at end of 2017/2018? Thanks!
    I have ended up putting a big ol' resistor before the 1st filter cap, and tweaking the cathode bias resistor to get reasonable wattages (14W+ with JJ6v6's).
    Kley I read your thread from couple years back regarding the AO-29 conversion to Plexi/Bassman. I just got into guitar couple years ago, and this past winter I converted an AO-29 as well. Reading your thread was like reading deja vu all over again! I experienced the large voltages and currents from the PT.
    Hi, I was reading your posts on the tube driven preamp .Can you help me with some information, foto? ,Did you build a tube preamp yourself?
    Kind regards,
    Yde Rosier/Netherlands
    I have not completed that build, but it is a cool idea!
    Not to step on toes, but I was on kley's profile to ask him a question, and noticed your comment. Are you referring to a guitar preamp tube pedal? If so, I have built one that works really well on 12VDC.
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