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    Books, and the re-reading thereof

    I used to read all the time in my youth. As a result I ended up working as an editor (of legislation) and as a result of that, I read all day for a living and it is now the last thing I feel like doing when I finish work. The one book I've reread the most is Norman Lewis's Voices of the Old...
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    Thought provoking quotes.

    Total stranger (after saying hello thinking they know me): sorry I thought you were someone else. Me: I am someone else.
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    These Gotoh In-Tune Compensated Saddles are fantastic

    I'm a lefty, so I appreciate the fact that I can simply flip these Gotohs for left-handed use. But I also really like the way they sound. I recently replaced a set of Callaham brass saddles with the Gotohs. The guitar sounded kinda rough with the Callahams, but now it has more chime and...
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    Info about the Hofner 510

    It's not like any pickup I'm familiar with.
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    Confused about pickup resistance

    Pickup wire comes in different thicknesses. 10,000 turns if 42 wire has more resistance than 10,000 turns of 43 wire. (The two most commonly used gauges.) Different types of magnet also affect output, as does the placement of the magnet and whether it's rod magnets or bar magnets. Resistance...
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    'Dipping the toe' back into the murky quagmire of small-town open mic's.

    A population of 725 counts as a city? So a population of one would count as a town. Chop a couple of legs off and it's a village :)
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    Info about the Hofner 510

    This might help "Although these are built like humbuckers magnetically with 2 rows of pole pieces powered by a single bar magnet they have a single coil inside them." There are gutshot pics at the link but I'm having trouble...
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    Eminence Price increase

    There used to be a company called Plessis making speakers here in the 60s and 70s. I believe there was some sort of connection to Australian Rola speakers originally but don't quote me on that. Those were the days of import protectionism designed to protect local manufacturing. In the modern...
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    if you`re looking for me

    I don't know if your fresh produce bags are the same as ours in NZ, but I had real trouble with the non-plastic compostable ones for a long time (Mr Grumpy kept poking his head up to take a look around). Then I realised there's a kind of a fold at the side of the bag and it's much easier to...
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    Eminence Price increase

    Checked the local New Zealand distributor today and their price for an RC has jumped from NZ$216 to nearly NZ$400. Yikes!
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    Roswell Charlie Christian?

    Yesterday I put another set of Roswell CCs into an HH Tele copy (Artist TC-59). I'd been struggling with this guitar, trying to get a pickup combination that works together and works for me. The CCs did it. Big fat neck tone, and a full bodied but also slightly hollow and twangy bridge tone...
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    How to set action on Telecaster with 3 barrel saddles?

    2mm action is quite acceptable for me. I don't like it lower because the guitar doesn't seem to ring out as well. A lot depends on a person's playing style and the kind of music. I fingerpick most of the time in a bluesy style and like to dig in hard for emphasis now and then and I want the...
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    How to set action on Telecaster with 3 barrel saddles?

    Where on the neck do the strings buzz? Buzzing can be caused by frets not being level. Individual frets will buzz at certain points, indicating a high fret. If (eg) the fifth fret is a bit high on the treble side, you will hear buzzing on the treble strings when playing below the fifth fret...
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    Looking for P90 with clarity

    If the Guitar Madness pickups don't give you what you are after, try an alnico pole magnet P90 rather than the standard P90 with bar magnets. They should give you a clearer, more focused and articulate sound.
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    Tame overly bright pickups with capacitor change?

    I'd pull out the treble bleed first. They can sometimes thin your tone. And without it, you can subtly reduce treble by rolling back the volume control slightly. Then try to get another screw so you can adjust the pickups properly. The tone cap mostly works as the tone control is turned down...