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    Age and concentrated traffic enforcement.

    I have concentrated traffic enforcement in my neighborhood pretty much all the time. My small town of 1,500 happens to be the county seat and is the home for the county sheriff's department which is ~3 blocks from my apt. You can't throw a rock without hitting a deputy sheriff. They start their...
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    NFD (Bicycle frame)

    I was the store manager of a large Schwinn shop back in the day. One of our most popular models was the 28" frame Continental ten speed in black. A really big bike and one might think that we had a lot of super tall customers, but this was not the case. Folks just like big bikes. Mark
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    Living without or less of your car.

    I live in a very small town. A car is essential to go just about anywhere. I lived inside the loop in Houston for many years and was able to use my bike for almost all my transportation needs. I usually (but not always) had a car but it would sit for weeks. Lots of Houston are not suitable for...
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    Classic rock -- anyone else here hate it?

    I use TuneIn, an internet channel that has hundreds of sources, both with commercials and without like NPR. Lately I've favored one called Folk Alley which has folk/americana/acoustic. Back in the day I was friends with a couple of guys who were classical DJs. They bemoaned playing the same...
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    Guitar Player Magazine!

    That about sums it up. Back in the day I subscribed to many magazines, usually at least a dozen of all kinds. Now it's all electronic. King
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    Getting Married for the first time!

    I didn't marry (for the first time, sic) until I was fifty, although we has been living together for a few years already. I had the added complication of gaining a new family, aged 8, 11 and 13. Kids are great! We eventually went our separate ways due to differences in what direction life should...
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    Dazed and Confused

    Great movie. I graduated in '69, the movie was '76, so pretty close. As has been pointed out, h/s kids didn't usually have such nice cars. Kids had beaters or hand me downs from the folks. I had cool as heck Austin Healey Sprite and a Dodge van for hauling band gear but I was an extreme...
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    Do you carry a knife on a regular basis?

    There's a state facility in Austin that sells off surplus stuff of all kinds plus all the knives/tools/etc people tried to take on airplanes. We are talking a LOT of knives. Foot lockers of Swiss Army knives. Some really nice stuff but they are on to quality knives and they are sold singly or...
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    alcohol withdrawal.

    You ain't just a woofin' it. I went through an inpatient detox program. Total lockdown and medically supervised for two weeks before the group went on to a nine week rehab program. We, the patients, had a special club we called 'The Three AM Club.' Every night there would be a crowd of people up...
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    Anyone own a 10-foot-pole?

    Hum... I've got a really big cheater bar that has on more than one occasion been a life saver. I've never measured it but it may be ten feet long. King
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    I hate job interviews.

    Just thinking about job hunting puckers my sphincter. I don't envy anyone looking for work now. Just about all the 'good' jobs I've had have come through friends or acquaintances. I guess it's not much help to tell a job seeker to make some new friends with connections! One interesting job I got...
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    2017 Classic Series 60's Tele - thinking of buying

    I had an older '60s Classic. Very nice guitar. I am suspicious of the price. If something seems too good to be true... well, you know the rest. Take extra care. King
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    Cream - Crossroads

    Back in the late '60s it was one of my favorites on our set list. I played combo organ but we left the organ part out and I sang the lead vocals. We played suitably loud too, as in Cranked! M
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    Coffee Junkie?

    One large cup in the morning made quite strong. Good stuff, and cheap. Mark
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    Charles Bukowski/Quotes

    I read some CB back in the day. He is too depressing. Not for me. King

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