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    NBD — Blencowe

    I'm ordering it as well. I like his other books, but copies of his first edition power amp book were just too much for me to stomach. This is great, thanks for sharing.
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    1970’s and 1980’s Professional Wrestling

    Jack Witschi's Sports Arena in North Attleboro, Mass was the place to see wrestling when I was a kid in the 70's. My dad hated it, but was a good sport and brought me and my friends for special occasions like birthdays. Saw Chief J. Strongbow, Billy White Wolf, the Superstar Billy Graham...
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    New source for "stuff"

    I've also had great luck buying from them
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    My Wife is the Best!

    Agree you've got a keeper
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ya all...

    Merry Christmas, and have a happy New Year!
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    Does neck plate thickness have any effect on tone?

    I've heard the plates starting with an "L" impart the most tone
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    TDPRI personalities

    I can't believe nobody's picked apart the builder yet, who builds everything for $300 and keeps the rest. Yeah right, IRL they (we) are spending way more than we let on, usually exceeding what we'd pay for the brand name guitar. But it's an adventure building each one, and I'd rather waste...
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    too much technology ?

    100% agree. The Vibro-King came out in '93, the pinnacle of amp success.
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    Moderator Appreciation Day

    Agree, the moderators here do a great job. In the early 2000's I was a regular on the AGA, that's an example where things can go downhill if there's nobody monitoring content.
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    Most ergonomically comfortable guitar? For me, it may be...

    Peegoo I like the concept, I've got an old Music master neck I was thinking of building a sort of stripped down travel guitar. But doesn't it slide around on your leg when playing seated? I was thinking similar to yours for top and back, but hump like a music master on the bottom to keep it...
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    Most ergonomically comfortable guitar? For me, it may be...

    Duo-Sonic II with a 24" B width neck from Oct 64. My fave and most comfortable guitar, especially playing seated. Maybe the guys who still play out at gigs standing may disagree, but it's pretty light as well.
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    Pro Reverb versus Deluxe Reverb

    Both great amps, but my SF Pro Reverb just fills the room with sound better. It's like your enveloped in sound. And my clean channel is as sparkly as it gets. I think I've mentioned on the forum I bought this amp on Ebay for a great price without ever hearing it, with the thought I'd...
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    pawn shop guitars

    Pawn shops were great before the internet, I'd hit a few up anytime I was in a new city. Nowadays they know what they've got after 2 minutes online, I haven't come across a good pawn shop deal in many years.