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    Mika, my beautiful cat has passed away

    So sorry. Sounds like a great friend.
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    I Am So Frustrated With Guitar Repair People - Just A Rant

    I went through a couple goofballs and found 2 great repair people here. Had a bridge re glued and a truss fixed in under a week.
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    Random Daily Photos May 2022 Edition

    Tasty fish
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    Random Daily Photos May 2022 Edition

    Busy week. Wife, daughter, son.
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    Words of Wisdom

    Place I worked when I was dumb had a big OSHA board. At the bottom of a list of some safety tips the Boss wrote “Don’t stick your head in the toilet and flush it”. Sage advice. That’s why he was the boss.
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    New bass player fired after 2 rehearsals

    Could be any instrument/member. Play with people at your level. Nothing wrong with trying, you never know if they would work out. But at least you found out about the work ethic early. Should also fire the drummer for laughs.
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    Are Local Bands Getting Worse?

    Point about some clubs closing or fewer places booking makes sense too. That means more competition among bands for gigs. That likely means bands willing to play for low rate (beginner/intermediate players) will consume some of those slots. Basically it’s a mess but it will improve. Hang in there.
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    Are Local Bands Getting Worse?

    Thinking out loud so assume the below might be nonsense… Given a 2 year virtual ban on gigs and rehearsals I bet a lot of pro level players had to find other means to feed themselves. And I bet among those who stuck it out are coming out of a long term absence of live group playing. Not saying...
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    NGD: and she's Burgundy Mist

    Looks great! Rock it.
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    Greg Kihn playing a sunburst Fender Telecaster

    He is a solid entertainer. I saw him with full band and I also saw him do a solo set in a bar which was absolutely fun.
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    I went to Tele Heaven today...

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    One Year Ago Today...

    I believe you deserve a new guitar.
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    Locking Tuners

    Hipshot or Fender. Fyi Fender sells them on their website and they have good service. Can’t go wrong with Hipshot or Fender.
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    Let's talk about the best movie ever

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    What makes pickups sound different from each other?

    The variation in magnets and the turns to me. I will admit I am too ear-ringy to tell the difference in the wire quality if there is an audible difference. Even with the cicadas in my head I can tell the difference in some pickup types and poles. Obviously this assumes parameters like position...