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    Cissy Strut. Soloing over 7th chord vamp

    when soloing over 1 chord, phrasing and line development are critical when in doubt play the head one or two chord vamps set up great opportunities to quote other tunes throw in some TV show themes a la Danny Gatton
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    What Blues Needs…

    SRV was able to bring the Jimi Hendrix and Albert King guitar styles to an audience that had never heard the originals harder to curate the music of artists from the past these days due to the internet
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    Gatton interview posted two weeks ago

    thanks for the link the volume swells at 16:55 are a masterclass in cool
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    somebody needs to recalibrate the earthquake sensor

    95 dB sets off an earthquake sensor?????????????????????
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    Where's The Pocket, anyway?

    that is a great way to describe the ephemeral nature of the pocket and don't forget that the space between the notes is as important as the notes
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    Who makes money making music on the forum ?

    sounds like a song hook
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    Am I Overthinking Our Set Lists?

    song sequencing is an art form pay attention to how iconic performers stage their show - every detail is worked out to present a story to the audience for a dance crowd, the wrong change in rhythmic meter or tempo can clear the dance floor
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    Jeff Beck in 1975

    all Strat when I saw him around 1975 Mahavisnhu Orchestra was the opener
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    Open mic jams observations

    I have had to explain to some players why tuning down to Eb might not be the best idea when sitting in on am open mic set and have noticed the "Karaoke effect" in vocalists who cannot determine their place in a song (verse, bridge, chorus) unless every fill and figure is played exactly like the...
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    Scale length really does make a difference.

    "fretless wonder" guitars with low action make bending difficult jumbo frets provide some leverage for the fingertip - making bending easier
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    Recently Discovered 1967 Gibson Guitars Factory Tour Documentary

    thanks for that got some fresh ideas for my "Polkadots and Moonbeams " chord melody arrangement from the thumbpick guy on the ES-355
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    Get off my lawn and take your locking tuners with you!

    players who believe their machine heads are the reason for struggling to tune the instrument are mistaken if a machine head is faulty, you could not tune up to pitch if you have successfully tuned to pitch, and the string pitch changes. fix the nut if you want to change strings quickly, get a...
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    SS Gigging Amp

    quality SS amps from the 1980's are easily found on the used market they were designed to be repairable, unlike today's disposable SS amps my local Craiglist has a Randall RG-80 at $150 Randall RG Series, Yamaha G100 Series II, Peavey Bandits, Gibson Lab Series, Roland Cubes. & Traynor Blocs are...
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    Would you walk away from your biggest & best paid gig?

    the inverse proportion rule applies to payment versus song preference and there are 3 reasons to play a gig 1) experience 2) networking 3) money
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    three pickup Tele wiring options?

    I have a partscaster with modified Brent Mason wiring 3 way switch with standard tele wiring for neck & bridge middle pickup (SD Hot Stack) wired to push-pull pot for series/parallel switching and its output runs to master volume in lieu of guitar output that way I get every combination EXCEPT...