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    Best Cheap Les Paul Style Guitar

    Check out AIO-Wolf Guitars. They were being made in South Korea, may have moved to Vietnam or Indonesia (not sure). I had a Goldtop LP style that was very good. My only gripe was it had a 60s style neck and I prefer a 50s style. I'll also chime in on the PRS SE...
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    NGD- 2021 PRS S2 McCarty 594 Singlecut

    My slightly used 2021 PRS S2 594 McCarty Singlecut arrived yesterday. Faded blue smokeburst. Looks virtually unplayed on the front, with minor surface scratches on the back. Switch tip was broken, unfortunately. That's a simple fix, new switch on the way. The pickups (85/15) were jacked right...
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    Riding the COG Railroad to Pike's Peak

    The Chama to Antonito ride sounds good as well, but we're determined to go to Pike's Peak. We're also thinking of taking the Royal Gorge train.
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    Greg Koch meet & plug.

    Tone is in the Pepsi!
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    Riding the COG Railroad to Pike's Peak

    We're taking a trip to Colorado Springs this weekend. Plan on taking the COG to Pike's Peak on Sunday. There's a good chance of rain on that day. Does the train still run?
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    BOSS Katana July 2022 Update

    Do you update the amp, the Tone Studio on your computer, or both?
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    Sound guys, I saw a gigantic mixing console tonight , Yamaha M3000A. Anyone familiar with them?

    Yep, PM3000. The VCA subgroups were better for mix integrity than standard subgroups. There were certainly better consoles out there but the PM3000 would satisfy all but the pickiest riders.
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    Monoprice 50 watt tube combo

    Has anyone tried one of these? I had their 15 watt offering and thought it was pretty cool.
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    Is there a song worse than China Grove?

    I drove through China Grove about two hours before I got married on the San Antonio Riverwalk. Really makes you think.
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    Relic Decals It's about time

    Get some fake tattoos and be the ultimate poser.
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    Fast Fret, Finger Ease, etc for string noise

    I'm in West Texas. Very dry. 45 years of playing guitar and I've never used any string lubricants. I think it's time to just get some and see what happens. I'm thankful my left hand/arm wasn't affected by the stroke.
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    Fast Fret, Finger Ease, etc for string noise

    I've never used string lubricants. Lately, I think due to the effects of a stroke and resultant poor right (picking) hand technique I am noticing more string squeak when I play. I think I'm having trouble muting/damping the strings with my right hand when moving my left hand around the...
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    Boss Katana Club

    I traded my MkII 100 for an Artist last week at GC, and finally got to pick it up today. So far all I can say is WOW, what a difference in sound. I'm impressed by the fact that the factory presets are actually usable. I can't wait to dig in and tweak to my liking.
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    Eastman Owners Club

    I joined the club Friday with a SB-56 Killer guitar. The Lollar P90s sound great and are very quiet for P90s. Nice chunky neck. Finish is very light like their violins. And a proper case instead of a bag. Pics are from their website of the actual guitar I bought-