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  • Hello, my name is Skip.
    I just found your thread "5F1 Transformers & 6L6?" from Feb of 2016.
    I have ready through your thread and am interested in whether you made the changes and did they work ok?
    Assuming they did, can you give me a list of the changes you made? Just trying to get this right.
    Appreciate any help you can give.
    Hey - Mike here. Thanks for the offer. I cant remember everyting off-hand, that I have to sell, aside from a Silver Vibrochamp and a Holland Gibb Droll. But have many others and well as some that I would sell if I could get a good price, ie, Holland Lil Jimmy, Silver Deluxe, Ed Roman Pearlcaster, etc.

    Its just when I put a Craigslist ad in Augusta , I dont get many calls.
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