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    quick and dirty way to test pickups?

    Uh, yes...that was implied. Reading is fundamental.
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    quick and dirty way to test pickups?

    Use the middle position or whatever combination, turn up the bass on the amp, do the tap thing with a small screwdriver and listen for bass rolloff as you turn both pickups all the way up. Likewise, the bass response should increase as you turn one of the pickups down.
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    Do you carry a pocket knife?

    Yes, that's similar to what I have. I work way out in the AZ boonies solo and have to get through thick thorny brush on occasion, so the machete. I prolly should take it out of the truck when I'm not working...cops are not fond of them during a traffic stop.
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    Do you carry a pocket knife?

    Nah, but I have a machete and an Eastern Bloc bayonet that I used for work in the truck.
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    1965 Fender Reverb Unit 6g15 prices?

    Play it first---they are not all created equal. IME, these units are some of the most variable of the older Fender stuff, some have it, some don't.
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    Subbing 6L6WGB or 5881 in place of 6V6

    Ummm, if ya don't like 6V6s, don't buy a Deluxe Reverb. Every day there's a post about how to get 'more' out of a DR, a PR, or a 5E3. I get it, they're cute. The answer is: you really can't to any significant degree without modding it to take 6l6s. The other answer is to buy an amp that is...
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    Common “mods” in the late 50s-60s?

    Junior Barnard modified his Epiphone archtop with an extra pickup and two outputs back in the 40s...
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    Capacitor tray hitting speaker frame

    Either make a new baffle that fits, put the 15" back in, or sell it along with those precious IC caps in the power supply and get a 2x12" amp.
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    Small amp to cover jazz to classic rock...

    Classic rock... Jazz... pick one from the above.
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    Is a Blues Junior speaker swap worth it?

    good money after bad...that's the BJ story.
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    Blues Solo

    Dude, listen to some real blues music and learn some tunes and solos.
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    Open E players, what string gauges do you use?

    I play some open tuning stuff (E/D or G/A) and I have used .046-.010 sets, maybe subbing out for .011 and .014. A little too heavy for standard playing and last year or two I went to .0105 and .0135 GHS singles on the high strings and it's a bit fatter sounding than .010s. Nice compromise...
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    Mold in combo amp

    I just pulled a big mouse nest out of a friend's AC30 along with a stash of pinyon nuts. Looks like the leads to the standby switch got nibbled a bit...
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    Lab Series L7

    Yes---the compressor switch is next to the control. Use the multifilter judiciously or you end up with cocked wah sounds. IME, a speaker swap away from the CTS stuff helps; a brighter speaker helps clear up the kludgy midrange. Ground wire may go to a speaker lug IIRC (like the Yamaha and...