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    Alnico 12" Jensen (current production) Speakers

    I too like the Jensen Neo 12/100 and the Tornado… not sure it sounds like a P12Q, probably not exactly, but weight and power handling wise it is a great fit. Sometimes they show up used priced low-medium.
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    I Miss Real Drums, Rhythmic Variation, Song Dynamics . . .

    Whenever I play on my Roland SPD pad I wander off into techno land, 4 on the floor, boom boom and so forth. Then add the MicroKorg. No matter how much you think you despise it… it is easy to digest, danceable and spreading good vibes. It’s a good thing, hard to resist. Also, killing floor has a...
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    What’s on your TDPRI resume?

    Meh, nothing, I’m a Drummer..
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    90s/00s American Standards

    Well I am playing a 2009 as my main guitar and it’s a great guitar. Does it have the magic twang on the bridge? I don’t know, but I can get all sounds I want out of this, and if the bridge alone is too shrill - either dial back the tone slightly (just a little touch on the no load pot), go to...
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    Tired of my 5e3

    Probably not helping much neither If I were to re-purpose a 5e3 then I would opt for a Princeton delete using same Trafos and chassis Even the number of holes for pots would match You could get different voicings for mids through a 3-way switch - More scooped, stock, raw… But to your question...
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    Thought experiment: two wires measure 120 VAC, you have no ground reference, which one is hot and which one is neutral?

    Just in case this was some sort of riddle… the second wire is a switched hot for your lamp… and there are two or three more wires. Not sure. So there would be 2-3 hot wires - and at least a neutral that you did not mention / measure :)
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    Thought experiment: two wires measure 120 VAC, you have no ground reference, which one is hot and which one is neutral?

    There are different grid types. In most places you would go with your amp the Neutral is grounded. So there is (almost) always a ground reference. If you measure 120Vac on both something is wrong. Either your measurements or the electrical installation. In theory, if you have no ground reference...
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    The 1st time I went over 100mph was in a...

    driving school.
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    Old Bicycles That Have Been Put Out to Pasture

    Picking up an old Hercules bike myself for my upcoming commutes to the train station atm. I’ll be paying a bit for it though. Cool Bridgestone bike, looking good! 3 Minutes is quick:) I wish I had a neighbour like you
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    15" Speaker Recommendation

    Nice. I am running a late 70s / early 80s 2x15 bassman cab with two EVM 15B speakers - for bass. Very reasonably priced, nobody wants to lug that monster around. But with a Strat, Big Muff & volume up - puts a big smile on my face. I do recommend ear protection. Tried a 1x15 with an EVM15L too -...
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    Bass line earworms

    Carol Kaye - maybe I‘ve missed it but doesn’t seem to be mentioned here. Beach Boys Good Vibrations bass line just to name one earwormsy type. Edit: Typo ;)
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    What, exactly, is chime?

    When everyone chimes in.
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    Fender pro reverb, twin etc. 6L6 tubes to 6V6 tubes?

    My UL 4x6L6 Fender has 525Vdc on plates even though I put the voltage selector on 260V. Before you do anything, maybe measure your plate voltage first. If you really want to use 6V6s in there then you will need to bring down that voltage.

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