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    The smell of dust burning up on hot vacuum tubes (and other olfactory observations).

    I currently own, and have owned a few old motorcycles. The funny thing is I swear I could name each bike just by its smell! Same with old guitars of course.
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    Practicing with a thumb pick.

    You just need to find the right thumb pick that fits you. I like Fred Kelly Slick Picks for comfort (and sound). I think that as long as you learn proper technique that Travis style picking can help you in rhythm playing all around. Whether that's with a flat pick, a thumb pick, or no pick...
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    Speaker cone hole.. big deal?

    Coffee filter patches dipped in watered down elmers glue applied to both sides of the hole. Tear the filter patches pieces instead of cutting with scissors and the frayed fiber edges will never let go.
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    Poll: Narrowed it down to 4 choices, was 3.

    Don't forget to try the Roland Micro Cube (battery powered). I got the cube and my buddy got the Katana mini and as far as classic tones go, the Cube beats the pants off of it. I admit I haven't tried the others you mentioned but the Micro Cube is awesome in this category of amps.
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    Martin 000-18 / 28 vs D-18 / 28

    I picked up a 2016 D18 a couple years ago (and love it) but agree with the string spacing at the nut being to close to the edge on the high E. I kept accidentally muting the high E with the flesh of my hand and tried to adjust my technique but finally broke down and made a new nut for it and...
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    So we had the Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster and Stratocaster, what's next?

    And a solid body, and... wait a minute!
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    So we had the Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster and Stratocaster, what's next?

    Are these popular with anyone? I only ever see them on these sponsored videos. Honestly wondering who is playing them.
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    Anybody got a dual-sport motorcycle?

    I've had my KLR650 for 15 years. Everytime I go on singletrack or rocky trails I wish I had a 250. The weight of the bike is exhausting on real rough terrain. The rest of the time (98%) the 650 is a perfect compromise that does everything "pretty good." I have other street bikes to ride and...
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    Good Cheap Pedal Power Supply?

    After years of messing with daisy chains and a slightly buzzy board that I always thought was not that bad, I got a Pedal Power 2 Plus and wish I'd gotten one years ago.
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    Huh...I wonder where Ibanez got this design idea?

    My guess, feels like a tele but 3 lbs. heavier. I tried out a couple of those Ibanez Talman solid bodies and they seemed so heavy compared to my Fenders.
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    Quoted $150 by a local luthier for a complete fret job

    I had a good (for real) local luthier recently quote me $10 per fret and I believe he said $50 for level, crown, and polish. This was on an old 70's D-18 and that was just his standard rate.
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    Micro (battery powered) Amps?

    I have been very pleased with my micro cube for a couple years now. It has a decent range of built in amp sims and effects. My friend has a katana mini and the micro cube is a lot more versatile and seems more like a "real" amp all around. Battery life is I'd guess around 6 hours.
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    remembering the unbelievable buzz when the original 750cc 4 cyl Honda was introduced.

    I love 70s Honda's! Maybe some of y'all can appreciate my '75 CB550K1:
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    I think I broke our Singer's Acoustic I owe him one?

    Did you confirm that the neck had too much relief before tightening the truss rod? I know this doesn't fix your problem now, but I know too many people who see high action, and proceed to crank down on the truss rod to lower it. If the neck was straight to begin with, this will only lead to...