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    So I made a massive mistake on reviving my tele

    First question: Is this a joke? #2: Could have been worse, remember Lorena Bobbitt? #3: What did you do to cause this?
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    Do I want an acoustic?

    Another suggestion might be to buy a Django Rheinhardt "Gypsy Jazz" style guitar. They generally play faster than most traditional acoustics and have more of an electric feel. Django's music is mostly post Dixieland and pre BeBop, but there are no real limits. The top 5 players are Bireli...
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    Amp kit compared to the real thing

    It's a bit of a detour, but I saw this Fender '68 Custom Vibro Champ Reverb advertised a couple of days ago and it looks like a decent amp at a reasonable price ($749). I almost ordered one, but decided to stick with my Blues Junior and Epiphone Valve Jr...
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    Do You Think a Mid Control is Necessary?

    On a lighter note, I like my Epiphone 5W Valve Junior without any tone controls, only a volume control. I use the knobs on my guitars to change the tone. The Epiphone is somewhat clean up to around 12:00, then dirty from 12-5:00. No mods on this one, but sounds pretty good in a low volume jam.
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    Best Amp Under $300?

    Love my 90 USA Blues Junior, but would consider the Pro Junior Tweed. They're a little pricey new, but should be in your price range used. Around the house, I use my Roland Cube Street 5 watt version, which runs on batteries and AC, has 8 COSM amp models, effects, EQ, and built-in tuner. The...
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    Rick Miller's (SCOTS) Amp?

    I Saw the Scots Last Night in Roanoke, VA I saw the Scots last night in Roanoke, VA and Rick played an old Danelectro guitar through what I believe was a Magic Amplifiers ZCombo. It might have been the Brit MKII except the handle was not leather. It sounded great, especially on the last song...
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    joyo pedals ?

    Trim Pots for Joyo Tremolo Pedal Just found this in another forum: The internal trim pots were maxed out in mine when I got it. The wave form is not particularly severe out of the box, and adjusting the knob downward very quickly makes the effect completely unnoticeable. There's no reason...
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    NPD! Joyo Ultimate Drive

    I found a great price on the Joyo Ultimate Drive. Just received the Joyo Tremolo and it works well. I play through a Blues Jr. and have a BBE Free Fuzz. For my Alt-Country style, I'm happy with what I have, but want a bit more drive. Will the Joyo UD fill the bill? Any opinions appreciated!
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    joyo pedals ?

    Joyo Tremolo Pedal Just got the Joyo Tremolo for $42 from Slide Meister on Ebay. Two days to deliver from coast to coast, great service. I bought it for my Blues Jr. which doesn't have on board tremolo. This pedal sounds pretty good and does everything I need it to. Doesn't sound as good as the...