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    NGD! American Original 60s Jazzmaster!

    My AV65 Jazzmaster twangs more than my tele. Such a great guitar. My favorite tremolo too. Stays in tune for weeks.
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    “For sell”

    Ha ha!
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    “For sell”

    Don't loose your patience with them.
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    Does anyone prefer the Jazzmaster vibrato?

    YES. My favorite trem. Deeper and yet more capable of subtlety. Mine has rock solid tuning stability.
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    Remove the Bigsby but then what? Please vote - Thanks

    Wraptail LPs and SGs with P90s are hard to beat.
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    NGD - Vintera Road Worn 50s Telecaster Lake Placid Blue

    That looks fantastic. I have the same Jazzmaster - hard to beat!
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    Why the current obsession, by some, of the weight of a guitar?

    I love that places like Sweetwater and Wildwood show photos of the exact guitar you're ordering along with it's weight. I've been on the hunt for a Jaguar. They tend to be on the heavier side 9+ pounds. No thanks. Lighter guitars are more comfortable and therefore more fun to play.
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    Charlie, are you high?

    This is how I set mine too - flush with the pickguard.
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    Martin 000-15M

    I have an 000-15. You won't regret that purchase.
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    Neil Young - Where to start?

    After the Goldrush, Rust Never Sleeps, Live Rust, Decade.
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    All Mahogany acoustics, tell me about yours

    I picked up this 000-15 two years ago for cheap. It's a very sweet sounding guitar and extremely comfortable. I grab it before anything else.
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    Vintage Telecaster Body Route Repair: Do it? - Don't Do it?

    I can clearly see where a middle pickup was installed yet everyone is calling it a "stash hole." More romantic I guess - plus I hate middle pickups.
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    My '59 Esquire....two years on

    An Esquire and a 330! Throw in a nice Martin and that's all you need.
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    Help identify?

    I'm not sure what it all means but I know I'd have enjoyed playing that for 30+years. So cool!
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    Reverb really?

    Prices on used guitars are sky high across the board. This is in large part due to the lack of availability of new guitars. Try to buy a new Fender Jag or Jazzmaster or SG Junior, etc from Sweetwater - nothing I want has been available for months.