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    Roswell Charlie Christian?

    Hi Robkay, Roswell pickups are made in Korea by WSC, a well known company who built for ESP, Fender and Status amongst others. They also make hardware and among that they produce the Bigsby Korea Tremolos (B-50, B-70) and Wilkinson bridges. The pickups are inspired by available pickups on the...
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    What's on your workbench today?

    Inlay day! It took longer, than expected, so, I didn't fill them today and cleaned everything up, will do that tomorrow.
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    Side Dot material ideas

    Uuuh, check this out: LEGO 30374 -> 3mm diameter, and available in glow in the dark version, that looks promising! Man, I gotta ask my friends with kids....
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    Side Dot material ideas

    @Gaz_ , thanks a lot for the explanation, now I understand! I will give it a try, maybe it is really convenient, although I'm a little afraif it may split a very dense fingerboardmaterial like ebony. @Davecam48 , that is a cool idea, I'll definitely check the colours available! @Larry F ...
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    Side Dot material ideas

    Thank you so much for all your ideas so far! I like the ballend idea and will check if there may be a way to make it work. As for visibility, I guess, luminlays are the best I had so far. I bought the expensive original ones and they work perfect and are highly recommended. I then made my own...
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    Side Dot material ideas

    Hi all, I will be in the stage of a neck built, where I need to set the sidedots. Now, I have used plastic, copper and selfmade luminlays so far. But maybe I miss some cool materials out there, so, what do you use as a material for your side dots? This neck will have a maple binding, but I'm...
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    Guitar store riff?

    Gov't Mule: Beautifully Broken Black Country Communion: Song of Yesterday Barkmarket: Visible Cow Those are easy riffs which sound like more, than they are :-)
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    So, why all the bird hate?

    Personally I think, the bird inlays are very beautiful as they give a dynamic on the looks, that more traditional "static" inlays do not give. When I look at PRS with birds and then watch a Les Paul with Crown inlays, the Les Paul just looks so old fashioned and outdated in comparison, to my...
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    Prosonic Combo Footswitch

    No update on the Footswitch so far, but I just need to say, that after having put the amp through its paces today for a good 2 hours , that this is really a great amp! Lots of sounds in there, great cleans which are not scooped as Blackface and a crazy variety of over the top Leadsounds. Very...
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    Curiously, what to folks here think about guitars like these? (Strandberg Salen Content)

    I like the body design and also the fanned frets. What doesn't work for me on headless guitars is the fine tuners which I always find fiddly to use with my clumsy fingers and the absence of a headstock :) Whenever I check a headless guitar I feel like I am shrunken. It really confuses me all the...
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    4x2 headstock

    You can use Sperzel tuners and rebuild them individually for left or right use. It's one of the reasons I really like them and as far as I know the only machine head, where that is possible.
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    What's on your workbench today?

    My first try at doing a multiple material inlay. Well, I could file a lot to make it all fit together seamlessly,but as I am impatient, I am lending to just use it as is...
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    Order of operations for neck building?

    That is a cool method, I will try that out! What I do is, I slot the fretboard up to the 24th fret when I am doing a 22 fret neck for example. I then drill through the 24th fret slot, as this gets cut off later anyway, and through the first fret slot. So, at least I am left with only 1 hole...
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    Prosonic Combo Footswitch

    Hi all, Thanks a lot for the multiple responses! I guess, I will follow @63 vibroverb suggestion and just buy the switch and see, if it works. I was a little reluctant to do so, as I am not a fan of returning stuff if it can be avoided, but in this case it seems it is not clear if it works...
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    Prosonic Combo Footswitch

    Hi all, I just aquired a Prosonic combo which unfortunately came without a footswitch. I googled around a while to see, what footswitch was delivered from the factory and if it is still available. I only found a few photos which showed a Vintage style footswitch but couldn't find info, which...