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    Just bought my first Barber pedal....ever....

    It may very well not be your last Barber pedal🙂
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    Guitar Quirks - Little Things That Should Not Throw You Off But They Do

    I don't understand, why so many companies use headstock designs, where the strings break at hefty angles behind the nut. I mean, straight pull has so many advantages, that I do not see the sense of using those old designs. Martin guitars I cannot even look at because of the crazy string...
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    What is the coolest bandname of a band you played in?

    Fastlane Motörblast - kind of a Motörhead cover band with everything played faster than the original. Loud and good fun!
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    How often do you really screw up?

    One additional thought crossed my mind: the curse and blessing of the internet is, that you can connect with people with the same interests all around the globe. That means, you can learn a lot of things at a fast pace, which is an incredible advantage to the past. The downside is, in this...
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    Guitar Necks. How Important to You? To Me ..... The Most Important Part of an Electric Guitar.

    I'd say setup is most important to me. And that doesn't mean a certain string height or the like. It just have to make the guitar work. When I build guitars, I carve neck profiles freehand with no specific profile in mind, other than roughly a C shape. If the neck is thick or thin, both is...
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    Orange TH30…opinions?

    Definitely not sterile or just an addition to a great overdrive channel. I'd say it's a little bit of Vox and a little bit of a Deluxe Reverb.
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    Orange TH30…opinions?

    I played the TH30 for a few years. Excellent amp! The shape control offers a variety of sounds from vintage crunch to modern scooped. The clean channel was very nice as well! Tube buffered FX loop and very well thought of EQ and as mentioned Shape control. Versatile amp, great sounds, highly...
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    J-200 build x2

    I'd say it looks beautiful and perfectly right :)
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    How often do you really screw up?

    Define mistake :-) If mistake means, the part or guitar you are working on is completely ruined, then I'd say it happened a few times at the starting of the hobby, but the learning curve is steep. So, "lethal" damage does not happen nowadays, I'd say (but never say never...). If mistake means...
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    WORLD CUP 2022.

    Thank God we had that in 1996🙂 But it was called Golden Goal, because of conflicts at the time.
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    What's on your workbench today?

    This guitar is the second I ever built on my own, 6 years ago. I set the neck in in a wrong angle and was so furious, that I smashed the guitar in the floor until the neck broke off. I was upset². The broken of fretboard parts I still use today to determine my neck angles, so,something positive...
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    The "I thought I had to have" thread

    Strats for me as well. My first guitar was a Strat,and it couldn't rock as hard,as I wanted it, due to not having humbuckers. So, I never bonded with the sound. I bought and sold a few later on in my life, and I liked the sound, but the control layout always made it hard for me to play, volume...
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    How long should I dry a large found board of old Mahongany for use in guitar building?

    Any chance to see a planed bit of the piece? The cut is quite rough to ame an assumption, I'd say If it is open pored with this colour, it could also be Limba/Korina. I bought a bunch of this stuff a while ago and some pieces were quite heavy. It was used as the cheapest wood available to make...
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    Anyone know of a guitar case brand made in USA (or at least, not in China)?

    Bam Cases from France comes to mind. GWW makes their cases in Costa Rica afaik. They made cases for PRS and Gibson Custom Shop as well as Duesenberg.
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    What's on your workbench today?

    And in this case it is brutally heavy as well :-)