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    Replace a word in a movie title with the word "bacon"

    West Side of Bacon
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    Gibson Explorers. What do you think of them?

    I'm holding out for the Lewis and Clark Expedition CS model.
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    Do power tubes wear out gradually?

    "Everything is broken!" - Bob Dylan
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    Insuring Music Equipment

    Here's one insurance company specific to instruments There are others.
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    Will electric cars be more reliable and require less maintenance...

    I'm wondering if there is a standardized, one size fits all, battery form? Are they going to be odd ball shapes, sizes ad nauseam and priced higher than a cat's back beyond the value of the car? Anyone ever buy a Sony Walkman with the hen's tooth rechargeable battery that was shaped like a pack...
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    Speeding in construction zones; Do you speed, or drive the posted limit?

    I'm right behind ya! Thanks for clearing the path.
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    Need help tracking down buzzy rattle in 1972 Twin Reverb

    New cab probably has removable baffle instead of the original glued baffle.
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    So, am I carrying a murse now?

    I'd call that a satchel. I look like a pack mule when I go to my lady friend's with two satchels hanging diagonally over my shoulders , laptop and music materials and a guitar in one hand and another bag in hand. I don't care whether they're canvas or leather, I have stuff that needs carrying...
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    So, am I carrying a murse now?

    I have small black cordura thingie that goes on my belt. My friend has asked me what is in it 'cause he's a nosy bastid so I tell him it's my .45 and ask would he really like to see it?
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    I don't need another amp, but a '72 SFSR is calling my name...

    That year should have caster sockets already installed. Still, it's nice to have hand truck. I have a '73 that I hope to keep until the end of the line! Paid $250 some time back when the earth was still cooling.
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    NAD Help me rehab this Fender Blues Deluxe

    '93 was the first year for the Blues Deluxe. I bought one then. IIRC, the later Reissue has a bias pot, original did not. As I recall, one half of the first preamp tube is unused and available for a mod
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    Where to Start? Twin Reverb

    BE CAREFUL if you look under the doghouse, or anywhere else for that matter, DON'T TOUCH. The charge in those caps CAN KILL YOU! I'm not kiddin' about that! Learn how to discharge the caps before doing any work. It's good to start out with a solid power section. Don't replace the blue caps...
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    List your top 5 amps.

    '50's Fender Deluxe 5C3 (10years, 3 days a week big band duty-not since covid :() '70's Traynor YBA-1 head (45w, plexied, Lar-Mar master vol. through Avatar or Marshall 2x12, Marshall slant, modded bracing to vintage and currently converted to 2x12 w/built in motor attenuation (for show without...
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    Guitar wire

    If I could but touch the hem of their garments.
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    Guitar wire

    WARNING! NOT recommended for use if one intends to use backward masking as an effect!