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    Album covers

    A classic from the Louvin Bros...
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    Who has an electric vehicle, and what has been your experience?

    *How long have you had? I bought a 2020 Chevy Bolt in April 2021 so I have had it for about 19 months. I currently have 15,000 miles on it. *Did you buy new? Yes - I got 'last years model' (2020 in 2021) but I was the first owner *What has the reliability been like? I have had zero problems...
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    Compensated saddles

    Indeed! I guess we better all start thinking exactly the same or get brow beat to death? You are a patient guy!
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    Still has the hang tag!
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    Moving a upright piano

    Looks like someone forgot to vacuum the innards of that piano for a couple of weeks.
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    Moving a upright piano

    This is the correct answer!
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    Moving a upright piano

    If you agree to help him, insist that he rent a piano/organ dolly (the kind with straps, handles and casters). You might also mention to him that there are some really good digital pianos out there these days for not very much money. They don't require tuning and are considerably easier to move.
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    Change one letter in a band name and you change the entire concept

    Marshall Sucker Band
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    Over 65 & Exercise

    I try to get a good bike ride in every day (10 or 20 miles), as well as, going for hikes and/or neighborhood walks with my wife. I really like exercising if I can do it outdoors. I hope you get another dog soon so you can have a walking buddy.
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    Examples of wah used well?

    I always thought that Jorma Kaukonan's solo on Hot Tuna tune Sea Child was a pretty great example of how to artfully wah.
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    Julian Lage Chris Thili

    That's a big sound from just a couple of acoustic instruments!