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    NGD PRS Silver Sky, Polar Blue

    Congtrats! The polar blue is one of my favorite colors on these; I think it's a bit hard to photo but your shots look great.
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    Forgery tone in heard it through the grapevine.

    I don't think Fogerty had any Fenders at that point in time; just the LP Customs and the Rickenbacker 325s. Ric 325s are VERY short-scale guitars - 21" scale - so that might have something to do with that sound. At some point his Ric was stolen and he had an LP Custom shortened to that scale...
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    Where was this telecaster made?

    This looks like the "gun metal blue" color to me. Nice early American Standard Tele!
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    NGD: Ernie Ball Music Man HSS Cutlass Powder Blue

    That's been discussed over on the EBMM forums before - mostly back when the Cutlass was first released in 2016. Owners were finding that the buffered output part of the current active circuit doesn't work well with a Fuzz Face or any other germanium fuzz. "Sounding harsh" is about as good as...
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    Fender American Classic Series (AO Replacement?)

    I think I might have used a bad calculator site last time - I bought an AVRI '62 Strat in 1999 for roughly $1K street price - it might have been $1,050 before taxes - and on the calculator I used Sunday $1,000 in 1999 comes up at $1,713 in 2022. But when I use a different calculator today I...
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    Where was this telecaster made?

    Correct; Fender USA models didn't go to 22 frets until the first American Standards in 1987.
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    Player Plus Nashville Tele Vs Player Plus Standard

    I am liking it; I actually prefer the old-style "Modern C" neck that's found on the American Performer series to the "Deep C" neck found on the American Pro IIs. I have some left-hand issues that I have to watch out for and the "Deep C" necks typically have just enough shoulder to cause me hand...
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    Fender American Classic Series (AO Replacement?)

    There are still batches of AOs working their way through production; I thought I heard that the last batches were going to be run in May (that was from Wildwood Guitars), but there may be a few left to be run June - or the batches currently in production this month won't ship to dealers until...
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    Greg Kihn playing a sunburst Fender Telecaster

    I was supposed to see Greg & band open for Journey in 1982, but events transpired that we (me, the girl I was dating at the time, her best friend, and said best friend's boyfriend) missed the entire show. I heard Kihn's set and the first songs from Journey from the hallway of the arena before...
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    Tele Neck, Does this look right

    It certainly looks like any number of 70s-era MIJ (and made other places) necks that had the bullet truss rod but were 4-bolt without the micro-tilt attachment. But since there are no other markings who knows where it came from.
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    Is this an FSR MIM Telecaster?

    I've not seen one like this before. There was also the Fender Tele Deluxe with a Strat headstock - the originals from the 1970s , various reissues of it, and the current American Professional II Tele Deluxe.
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    Player Plus Nashville Tele Vs Player Plus Standard

    I haven't played them back-to-back but I have played them both. The neck & bridge pickups are the same; the Nashville just has the middle pickup added. I'm sure that besides the added pickup settings there is going to be some difference due to the magnetic pull of the middle pickup, but as to...
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    Fender American Classic Series (AO Replacement?)

    They're already phased out - no blowout pricing on these since Fender was still fulfilling the last of the orders as recently as this month; they have essentially sold out instead of there being stock in the warehouse that needs to be cleared out.
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    Fender American Classic Series (AO Replacement?)

    Oh I completely agree; I know guitars can be considered a "luxury item" when compared to food, shelter, etc. but some of the current (and upcoming) pricing is causing most of us to reconsider the value prop of higher-end instruments. Back in the early 2000s I didn't consider an AVRI to be too...
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    NGD A.V 59 maple board!

    Congrats! I think that might be the rarest of the AV series Strats - it seems like you saw many more of the AV '59s with the rosewood fingerboard.