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    Determined to learn steel guitar...

    consider yourself learnt... you're welcome
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    markings on Illinois capacitors

    impossible!! it says "Illinois" right on the case!! the black dots were the right choice... just seems like a really poor indicator. 50 years worth of dust and corrosion made them pretty hard to see. just an eye roll to whoever thought that up back in the day
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    markings on Illinois capacitors

    case reads "neg. black" with a spot of black paint on one terminal... and then puts a minus sign on top by the other terminal. who approves this junk??
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    Favorite Traditional Tele Neck Pickup

    dimarzio twang king... hands down not even close
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    Silly Knobs..

    i get why joyo does it... probably a few cents cheaper and that's important in their business model. but I've seen boutique guys do it too. why spend all the time hand-soldering with nice components only to turn around and put ugly/cheap knobs on a pedal? yup... your pedal looks a hundred times...
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    Buffer Pedal or Junction Box: Which goes first?

    I'd never heard of that one control before... had to look it up. put the buffer after that. the one control is basically just an extension of your guitar cable with no internal components. the idea is that you're plugging in and out of that simple thing and wearing out those jacks instead of on...
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    Which JHS pedal ?

    i had an angry Charlie for a bit. it's a really cool pedal... but not the best in that sound. they're all kinda derived from the MI Audio crunchbox... which i think is a bit better. the suhr riot, another crunchbox cousin, is probably my favorite of the Marshall-in-a-box things. there's also the...
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    Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+

    the long or short box? i don't have a iic+ (i wish)... but I've got two mesa heads that used the same chassis. got a long and short box too. why do you ask?
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    Putting velcro on a pedal to attach it to a pedalboard

    not saying you won't come across people doing it that way. i use to do that too. but pedal boards all have the fluffy side on them... so i corrected my ways. also, see above... it's the law!!
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    Neck humbucker that looks like a regular chrome Tele neck p/u ?

    this is my favorite too note that these pickups are intended to sound like a traditional single coil. all the "stacked" or "noiseless" pickups are geared that way. if you're looking for a humbucker sound (you're wrong and I'll forgive you)... but these sorts of pickups won't do that for you
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    All I need now is a cheap fuzz box

    EHX has made some really great pedals. they've also made some cheap garbage and their own fair share of knockoffs. brand loyalty is pretty senseless unless they're paying you. in some cases, i think buying the cheap version of a pedal will lead to players buying the real thing to have a better...
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    I'll applaud this one. no telling how much of her music she even writes these days... but she's stayed relevant and mainstream without a stale rehashing of the same old formula
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    Vintage Threaded Nickel Saddle Question...

    i don't think they make solid nickel saddles... it's a pretty soft metal. usually it's nickel plating over brass, steel or zinc. the plating doesn't impact the sound in my opinion how many decades was that good enough? a bunch. compensated saddles are nice... but it's not a must have in my opinion
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    New old Tele purchase

    sounds like a deal! take good care of it and leave it stock... i never see them that clean. and hell... the case alone looks like a hundred bucks
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    Vintage Threaded Nickel Saddle Question...

    i had a brass phase for a while... just because i liked the look of them. but they've all since been switched back to steel. i don't say they're brighter... i say they have a better presence and punchiness. i swear they're gentler on strings and hold tune a bit better too... but that could be in...