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    Two-channel > Harmonic Tremolo > Reverb > Low Watt Amp Build

    This is a great looking build. Thanks for posting all of your information and fine tuning details. I did a deep dive into the Fender harmonic trem and I got a lot of information from one of your older build threads.
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    Vintage Coupling Caps

    I've kept a bunch of those style caps from S-6 chord organs. My understanding is that those white and brown ones last forever and my cheap esr meter confirms that. I'm kind of nutty, but I strip those boards down and save the tag strips, wire and tube sockets. I reuse the wood for cabinets...
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    Tired of my 5e3

    Maybe a 6G3 without the trem.
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    Perfect amp? A 35 watt small 5f6-a?

    You may consider the 5G9 Tremolux, LTP and fixed bias, 20 watts plus bias vary trem.
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    Thinking of selling my last big amp.

    I just revived my old Music Man HD130, 100 watt twin 12. It sounds fantastic at lower volume. Not apartment level but reasonable home levels. Something about the bigger speakers and iron gets that full sound that a smaller amp just seems to lack. I say keep it.
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    Speaker suggestion for micro 5e3 deluxe

    I have used old 10" Rola's with mixed results. I got mine from old S6 chord organs and they sound ok if used with another speaker in a 2 x 10" setup. Alone they sound a little thin and harsh. I like the WGS Veteran 10. I find a single low sensitivity 10" is a good compromise for low volume...
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    Salvaging Newbie

    I'm kind of nutty and have time on my hands, so what I do is strip em down as far as possible saving all the screws etc. Then I put the boards in tubs on a shelf for future investigation or parts source. I have a big supply of tube sockets, orange drop resistors, wire, tag boards etc from...
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    Fender Super Champ Rivera issue

    Power tubes or the power filter capacitors would be where I would look next.
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    Help converting an old Wurlitzer speaker into an amp cab

    Wurlitzers are pretty nice organs and some people even prefer them to the Hammonds. I would hate to see that one torn apart just for the rotary speaker. That does not look like the typical foam leslie unit. You can get those foam leslie units in 70's cheapo solid state organs. Many free...
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    Epiphone Valve Standard to 18 Watt

    This is a great project and I love the look of your cab. Very unique.
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    NBBECD (bee box extension cab)

    Great work as usual. I consider new projects a chance to buy new tools.
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    What kind of tweed do you want? 5E3 Deluxe distortion, or tighter 5F6a Bassman. The 5G9 Tremolux is kind of in the middle. It basically has the 5E3 preamp and tone control with a Bassman like power section, with a bias vary tremolo. I built a 5G9 and it has more clean headroom than the 5E3...
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    Fender Clean & Marshall Crunch in one amp?

    Not exactly what your looking for, but I built a 2 X 6V6 amp with LTP. I based it on a 6G4a Super, but I put a 6G3 in the non tremolo channel. It sound great, two very distinct voices. I dont see why you cant start with an AB763 and modify the non reverb channel to suit.
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    Getting ready to try my first build

    Trace the signal out on the paper layout and schematic so you get an understanding of what each component is doing before you build it. This will help troubleshooting if you have a problem. Uncle Doug has a great video series on how amps work and of course Rob Robinette's site is a treasure...
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    micro amp power tubes - ef80 vs 12au7 - compare?

    Bump as I am also interested in the difference in a Micro Bassman design.