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    Pics from recent gigs

    Close, but our drummer still has both arms (just an optical illusion, I guess).😀
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    Pics from recent gigs

    Private party/festival from a couple of weeks ago (me with my Jagmaster). First gig in over 2 years and it was great!
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    Bootstrap bridge for classic rock?

    I have a set of Pretzels waiting for my build to be ready. Can't wait.
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    Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ remixed in a major key

    Sorta reminds me of this...
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    had to buy this

    Love the offset Tele- beautiful!
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    Is music a competition?

    I think it's all up to the musician. If you want to compete, why not? Many of my favorite musicians came up through the guitar, mandolin, and fiddle competition circuit. Chris Thile? Mark O'Connor? Don Ross? These guys are some of the most insane (and creative) musicians on the planet, and they...
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    EVH Wolfgang Standard

    I'm not looking for anything either, but I've always loved EVH and those guitars are definitely on my list of gear that I would probably have to get if the right opportunity came along.
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    G&L's Placentia, the worst name for a product line ever?

    Looked it up, found it, but won't post it here. They're probably big Steely Dan fans there, if I'm right.😁
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    G&L's Placentia, the worst name for a product line ever?

    Well, I live in Volusia County, FL, so probably a lot of folks around here (lotta bikers in Volusia County).:)
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    Just watched Top Gun for the third time

    Wow, I must have been the exception because when I saw it in high school it turned me into a fighter jet fanatic! I had posters of F-15's and F-16's all over my bedroom wall. I even built a life-size model of a Sidewinder missile and hung it from my ceiling. My friends and I were all fighter jet...
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    How much room to leave for tubes in amp head?

    Here's the inside of my Champ head cab I built. Only 1 inch between the transformer and the cab, but my tubes are horizontal.
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    Radiohead Archive

    Wow, that would have been cool to be at those festivals back then! I'm still stuck in a '90s nostalgia musical time warp...the all-around best years ever! Especially around '95-'97. Just amazing. Incidentally, I've been listening to PH a lot lately after not giving it a fair listen and I've...
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    Weight problem, like maths/

    Yes, that's right (I should have said 430g of food, my typo there, but it's the same idea). The mass of the products of the chemical reaction (CO2 and H2O) are more than double the mass of the "fuel". This is because of the oxygen that is combined with the "fuel" to form the water as it is...
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    Weight problem, like maths/

    Not exactly...carbon dioxide (and water) are the byproducts of our metabolism converting carbohydrates/fats/proteins into energy (the oxygen we breathe in allows this process to happen, and most of it is converted into water). For every 430g of carbs/fat/protein we metabolize, 770g of CO2 and...
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    Leaving tube amps on all day?

    The 12ax7 preamp tube in that amp was used as a 1 watt power tube (not as a rectifier) that supplied signal to the solid state power amp. 12ax7's seem to last a long time (and are easy to get if you need one), so I don't think turning it off and on will affect it much. If it were me, I'd just...