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    One filtertron.

    I have a 6118 Anniversary with two FilterTrons. I always use them together with a bit more neck than bridge. If I had just one in a hollow or semi-hollow guitar, I'd move it away from the neck a bit from the typical neck pickup location. I'd use it in the bridge position on a solid guitar...
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    I’m off insulin!!!

    I'm supplementing cardiac rehab with resistance circuits at a really nice fitness center. I'm famished when I get home. I need more than 30g of carbs. My doc has an interesting take on treats. I can have a treat once in a while. "Treat" means I can't remember the last time I had it. "A"...
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    To sell?

    I don't have any guitars I'd let go of for $500. Maybe one, a 1974 Ovation Balladeer. I'd keep it and start playing it again. $500 isn't enough money to buy anything I'd call desirable. Twice that just gets you there these days. There's stuff worth looking at at $1500. I'm not a snob. My...
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    I’m off insulin!!!

    I visited the doc for my pre vacation checkup and had my A1C checked. It’s been below 7% for over a year now. Last visit my Tresiba (timed release insulin) was cut in half. Now I'm off it. You’d think things would get cheaper with one less Uber expensive drug but I’m on Farxiga now to reduce...
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    The Perfect Backyard Fence

    Love thy neighbor? I guess you must. Personally, I think fences for good neighbors make.
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    I Hate My Tone!!!!

    An equalizer lets you get the most out of each guitar. I’d never give up my multidimensional tube amp, a Mesa Boogie Express 5:25. I use mostly the 5 watt setting and it gives me tone at a volume I can sing over without a mic. I use the two cleanest channels almost exclusively. 25 watts can get...
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    NGD! Fender ‘57 AVRI in Surf Green!

    I like it. It doesn’t get better than that. And I love ‘50’s car colors. Detroit may have died but the colors live on.
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    Anatomy of a many a bad pedal review

    The problem with pedals and pedal reviews is the same. The guy playing through the pedal. Call a pedal what you will and claim it does whatever and you still won’t sound like your guitar hero because you’re not him, or her. Period. Practice. Develop your own sound and style. Then use a pedal to...
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    What should I do with the 3rd mini-toggle

    Where is the pickup selector? Assuming a full size toggle, mini switches for coil split for each pickup and a series/parallel switch for bridge and neck split coils combined.
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    '70s AM Gold

    I spent 15 minutes on Google and New York is barely mentioned. Whatever station was playing country in the mid ‘70s on 1040 AM is either gone or playing something else. The closest NY comes to country is rap finding it’s way into the genre. It’s not cool and it’s not country.
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    '70s AM Gold

    I listened to AM in high school. Once I started college in 1967, it was all FM until I started working after graduation. Then it was AM for news, traffic, and weather until I discovered country music on 1040. Country radio in NYC in the ‘70s. Who’d have thought that possible?
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    String trees

    I use a single disk shaped tree on my Tele and one of my Strats. The other Strat has a modern tree. I don’t need two and I think the stamped metal trees look cheap.
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    Downsizing to One Car

    I’m retired. My wife still sees clients and does workshops. There are times both cars are in use. Not always but enough that we couldn’t do with one car. We can’t even compromise and have a cheap one. Wifey and I are both car snobs. Neither of us is willing to look outside the luxe performance...
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    HB-sized neck pickup suggestions for Nashville Tele

    A TV-Jones Classic is available in a humbucker mount if the covers are in stock. That pickup will complement the others in your Nashville.
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    Strings ?

    I use EXL110W nickel wound strings with a wound G. Telecasters need a little warmth and better balance between strings played finger style.