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    Obscure albums you stumbled onto that you still love today?

    How about Paul Butterfield's Better Days: With Amos Garrett and Geoff Muldaur. It's not better-known Butterfield Blues Band, but a whole different thing that I've gone back and listened a lot over the years.
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    Anyone running a 5751 for a preamp tube?

    I ran a 5751 as V1 in a Pro Junior, which made that a little more useable/less overdriven. Still saturated after the jump between 4 and 6 on the volume knob, but less grind.
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    Clean boost.

    Catalinbread Super Chile Picoso is one option. I started off using my Catalinbread Super Chile Picoso as a clean boost and it's a fine choice for that, but now place it at the end of the pedal chain as an "always on" buffer and unity gain boost for any line loss after going through 8 or 9...
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    No more shoveling snow for me.

    Looks like you'll have your chance to run it tomorrow! 4-8" forecast here in Portland, 8-12" inland.
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    Possible MIJ Tele?

    Generally, the first runs of the MIJ Teles and Strats (about 1982-1984) had SQ and then JV prefixes followed by serial numbers stamped on the neck plate. Later Tele runs (1985 and after) had the letter A followed by the serial number stamped on the bridge plate.
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    Fish and Chips

    You mean we're not talking about this?
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    Speakers for a '63 Vibroverb 2X10

    I owned a 63 VVRI for about a dozen years, and replaced the stock Oxfords with Jensen RI C10Qs. They can be a little spiky until they break in, but they're light, relatively inexpensive, efficient and add some high end to what is a fairly dark sounding amp.
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    Pops Staples - Nobody's Fault But Mine

    Great playing and singing by Pops Staples! Here are a couple of other compelling versions of this song. First by Blind Willie Johnson: Second by Paul Butterfield's Better Days:
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    Your pick pickiness

    Fender 351 medium for the past 50 years.
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    CV50 Esquire - decision to make

    "WFH ?" asks John Stephens. Acronym for "Working From Home."
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    CV50 Esquire - decision to make

    Hang onto that Esquire! Just before lockdown, I found a used Fender MIM 50s Esquire neck with a paulownia XGP sonic blue body attached; once I swapped out the GFS rails bridge pickup with a Duncan Broadcaster, it became the No. 1 electric guitar in the house, and has stayed right next to my WFH...
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    What was your PA. back on your day?......

    Back in 1974-1975, Kustom 300 in blue sparkle roll and pleat, with those columns. Monitors? Only if we were splitting the bill with another band and shared PAs. Only vocals went through the PA, no instrument mics. A different era.
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    Is this 52 AVRI Tele the real deal?!

    On the slotted screws, this is one of the things Fender got right when it issued this model in 1982, and throughout its run, in the 1982, 1999 and 2012 incarnations of the 52 Reissue Tele, it has featured slotted screws. Just like in 1952. The hardware and color on the OP's post look right for...
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    BD-2 @ TS808

    I run the BD2 with light gain - level at noon and tone and gain at 9:00; I follow that with a TS-9 with higher gain for Fenders. Before both is a Soul Food for a clean lead boost, and after both is a Fuzz Moo, well, because.

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