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    I Played The Guitar Of My Dreams But Im Torn...

    Heavy Relic = Stolen Valor!!! A guitar should earn its battle scars on the battlefield!
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    Your Favorite Amp

    Don't you get the humor? He's a retired teacher, for Chrissakes!
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    Pedal board build

    Great study in minimalism!
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    Pedal board build

    Polytune=>PitchFork=>Odie=>Velvet Fuzz=>Flashback=>Mini Trem=>Mini Chorus=>Topanga=>HOF=>MXR EQ=>RC3 This is it for me. Still trying to see how I can include the Odyssey. I had it between the Odie and the Velvet Fuzz but the "tone suck" of the board increased dramatically so I had to take it out...
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    Let’s See Those Vintage Amps

    Talk of bringing a tank to a knife fight...:D
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    Why Clip On Tuner Instead Of Pedal?

    Yea? Nay?
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    Why Clip On Tuner Instead Of Pedal?

    Erm .. is it ok to use a tuner app on my iphone? :oops:
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    Tonemaster Super Reverb

    Profit! Profit!! Profit!!! America runs on profits!
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    Why is Sam Ash's website so horrible?

    Sam Ash's used gear website takes foreeeever to load, and you cannot even get an idea of store inventory for new gear. Compared to Reverb or even GC (or anyone else for that matter), their website is abysmal. I imagine they must be losing a TON of business. Is this some weird business...
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    Anyone else surprised that Fender has not expanded

    For even more context, here's a shootout that also includes a vintage '67 DR and the '64 Custom Handwired... Fender BlackFace Deluxe Reverb Shootout - YouTube
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    Do pickups lose quality over time?

    Guitar Mojo wins over science any day!!! :D:lol:
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    Love the Pro Jr but it's too loud for practice. Would a Champ do the trick?

    After many years as a tube snob, I have discovered the Boss Nextone Artist. The stock speaker needs to be swapped out for it to really sound like a tube amp. I put a Texas Heat in mine (also tried a Cannabis Rex and Swamp Thang), and now it is really indistinguishable from a tube amp. Now it...
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    When did separate "bedroom amp" and "gigging amp" become a thing?

    If you can crank a Princeton to 7 your neighbors must be quite some ways away, and your family longsuffering! I can't crank mine beyond 3 without my teen reading me the riot act! So I bought a Z Air Brake and a Tone King Comet 20 and now we're all happy campers.
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    When did separate "bedroom amp" and "gigging amp" become a thing?

    Me. I am Dad, and I play in my bedroom, thanks!
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    Why are Gibson ES-335's so expensive?

    I will have to disagree with you on this one - from experience. Over the years, I tried virtually every 335 substitute cheaper than a Gibson (and a couple more expensive), to see if I could get the 335 tone mojo for less. No way. They do not sound like a Gibson 335. No amount of setting up...