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    Things to Quit Saying

    "thoughts and prayers" is so overly used to the point of being a sickness .......
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    Alcohol: A life ruiner

    I purchased my first beer when I was 13; I know, that's a bit early. I still remember what brand beer it was, how much it cost, and where I purchased it. I'm 61 now and I still enjoy alcohol but like everything else in life moderation is the key to 95% plus of pretty much everything. Never had...
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    What type of guitar did you learn on?

    Gibson SG and an Ibanez Flying V (copy of a '67 Gibson V) when I turned 20 got my first Strat so, I had to learn how to play guitar all over again, which took about 6 months.
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    Bitcoin - Cryptocurrency

    about 1 year ago I told some folks on a different forum that the crypto markets were gonna have a HUGE CRASH; everyone there was like yeah, whatever. Now those same forum members are all caught with their pants down and their wallets are a big bunch lighter because of greed, IMHO. Oh well...
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    Hello From Minnesota

    Welcome to TDPRI ....... I reside in Saint Paul, meth capitol west of Chicago
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    I just hate thieves...

    If only the courts would start enforcing the laws and punishing those that steal by removing only one hand; get caught and convicted a second time? Remove the other hand.
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    I like being able to cook

    being originally from Louisiana I like to eat. A lot of folks believe the state sport in Louisiana is football but it is actually eating; football is a close second. of course if one likes to eat then learning to cook would likely be a good thing to learn. Eat whacha like, hopefully it's...
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    I just hate thieves...

    Sorry to hear this OP but if you reside in the USA aka the land of opportunity then criminals have over taken the land. Some wear suits, some have fancy degrees, many are attorneys, and most from that demographic that get caught and prosecuted likely do little to no time in prison. A few...
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    What's your next guit-toy purchase?

    things constantly change within my arsenal and I typically don't plan purchases. My latest purchase is in transit; most likely sitting in US Customs in Chicago. It is a hand built/one off replica of a 1958/1963 Gibson Korina Explorer that is appointed pretty much like the example in this...
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    Now the gig is here, I'm in 2 minds if I want to go... Or have you ever not been excited to go to a gig? (Clapton)

    Every time I go to see a show I always try to keep an open mind and leave any expectations at the door. Every show will be different even if the artist is the same. I saw Eric Johnson play 14 shows over a 29 month period and believe it or not, Eric is not a robot. Last time I went to see Jeff...
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    How satisfied are you with your gear?

    I have more gear than I could have ever dreamed of having; excessive
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    - Your words to live by -

    life is 95% luck of the draw and 5% preparation you get what you get a good guitar is a good guitar no matter the price point there are no guarantees your mileage may vary
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    Chewing gum while supposed to be a professional

    I associate chewing gum with daily cigarette smoking; it's just another form of a nervous habit, IMO maybe the dude will acquire TMD and then stop chewing gum
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    1960 Telecaster in original "Blue Sparkle" custom colour???

    I like the part where the seller states, "all Brazilian rosewood" in reference to the fingerboard. So at least we know it doesn't have 'regular' non Brazilian on the spaces between frets 9 and 11, or something like that.
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    Share Your Explorers

    Recently discovered a hand made Korina Explorer that was available and purchased it. Neck is claimed to be 25mm/1 inch thickness at fret 1. Should be here in a few days. gotta love that looooooong neck tenon The builder had a 1 piece slab of white Limba (Korina) but cut it into two pieces...