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    Who is the boss here?

    Great help guys.
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    Who is the boss here?

    Not helping lmao.
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    Well you post got deleted again, I'll try and talk to the boss here whoever that is and sort it...

    Well you post got deleted again, I'll try and talk to the boss here whoever that is and sort it out for you. I'm guessing you get deleted because of the corn pop thing in your signature which I happen to agree with lmao. Don't get over stressed dude, it's just a moderator being a dick, not worth...
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    Who is the boss here?

    Greetings fellow guitar maniacs. I have a simple question, who runs this most awesome forum?
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    Discovered streaming site that I didn't know existed

    Is there a Japanese horror film starring Nicolas Cage? If so you're in business.
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    Stuff happened

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    First post, thought I'd share my ASAT

    Welcome to the forum, I like your style, I bought 13 guitars for my kids and I don't even have any.....I'm not even married. But I do have 13 guitars so all is good.
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    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to TDPRI.
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    UFC rules

    Huge fan of the UFC so I'll say this, in earlier UFC tournaments eye gouging and repeated punching to the balls was allowed. The UFC has progressed,so have the rules and serious injuries nowdays are very rare, that being said delayed effects from punches to the head will become a problem in the...
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    Genuine '15 Jimi Strat ?

    From my knowledge of this forum if the guys say it's suspect then it's certainly suspect. This is probably the most knowledgeable forum in the world for Fender guitars.
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    My Telecaster journey

    Pictures please so I can decide which one I want to, sorry. My convict Australian genes run deep.
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    Praise for the p90

    Phat cats in the LP, Tonerider rebel P90's in the 3/4 thinline and not sure what are in the gold top except they're soapbar P90's of some description.
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    Has anyone here told "The Aristocrats" -joke in front of actual people and survived?

    You hit the nail exactly on the head, all that remains is the punchline to get me kicked of the forum forever.
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    'ello 'ello

    Greetings, pictures, we crave pictures of your guitars.
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    Hefty Launch Schedule from the Cape this Month

    That's just awesome. I'd love to see a launch from that close.