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    I think I want another jazz guitar

    Ibanez all the way. I have a 2004 AF-85 that I picked up used $400, not a scratch on it. Had an AF-100 (pre-lawsuit) back in the early 80's. Both beautiful guitars. George Benson uses them exclusively. You can get them new, at a reasonable price.
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    Bitcoin - Cryptocurrency

    Criminals like it because it's harder to track.
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    Do you have names for your guitars?

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    Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster & ???

    I don't like Les Pauls so I would never play it. I would rather have a Strat & a 335 to go with my Tele.
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    Best albums to learn completely?

    Eagles, Desperado.
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    Guitar Center Trade-In Experiences

    I seem to do a lot of trading, especially pedals. I really hate trying to sell online. I realize that if I trade I will take a much bigger loss than selling it. In Portland, OR, Guitar Center trading policy is pretty much the same as the independent music stores in the area. I shop at a lot of...
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    My depressing open mic pity party.

    Last open mic I went to was about 4 years ago. Went in & signed up for spot #5 to give myself a little time to check out the venue & the crowd. Everyone who came in after signed up behind me. When it started, #5 became #1 & I was not ready. I rushed up there & completely blew all 3 of my songs...
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    1 pedal that has never left your board?

    Strymon Flint.
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    Does anyone have a 'no-drive', or 'single-drive' pedalboard?

    I only use a Keeley Compressor+ & a Wampler Tumnus.
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    Going down the bass cabinet rabbit hole - 8" vs 10" vs 12" vs 15" speakers.

    I use a single 10 cab for practice at home. A single 12 cab at band practice. Both if needed for a gig. Using a 10 year old Eden WTX500. Just picked up a used Darkglass Vintage Deluxe pre-amp for $175. Sounds great.
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    I had no idea they made a Jazz Chorus stack

    I had the JC120 head in the mid-80's, but not the stack. I used a couple single 15" cabs that I built. Also doubled as a bass amp. I had no complaints about the way it sounded.
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    Pink Floyd Argument Bait

    So what does being a stoner have to do with the OP's question? You make it sound as if PF fans are losers.

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