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    Hello from Cleveland, Ohio

    Could it be Corbo's or Presti's? Both bakeries on Mayfield Rd. in Little Italy, very near Case.
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    Lawn Mowers? Really

    The commercial grade mowers seem to be scarce. I bought one last fall and was lucky to find one shop with a decent selection. Everywhere else had one or two at most.
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    Sweetwater catalog promotion?

    I bought straplocks a month ago and got candy.
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    People You've Known with Unusual Names

    I had a friend in college named Kyla. It’s more common now, but back then she was the only one who had that name. A few years later we are at my brother in laws wedding and start talking to some new parents. They were extremely proud of the unique name they gave their daughter - Kyla. I said...
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    Cats Are the BEST!

    The cat in my avatar was the best. He was a big mellow dude who just liked to cuddle up and hang out. He passed away a few years ago. His replacement is a complete ****head. His whole purpose in life is to create chaos. He constantly knocks things onto the floor. He’s broken so many knickknacks...
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    Old Lawnmower

    I've got a 21 year old Gravely walk-behind with a 50" deck. Still works like a champ. It has a 14Hp Kawasaki engine that has been awesome. I'm going to sell it this spring. The only reason is that I bought a rider last fall because I had a knee replaced. The new knee feels great and I could go...
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    Your parents' cars

    My dad had what I think was a '73 Ford Pinto hatchback. It got totaled in an accident. Luckily it was a head-on collision, because the Pintos had a little problem with exploding when hit from behind. He replaced it with a '74 Pinto wagon. He drove that Pinto until it rusted completely away. I...
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    Need a New Delay Pedal, What's Your Favorite?

    For a do it all delay with dotted eighths, Boss DD-200 is awesome. Get one and you are good to go for all kinds of delay. Despite what i just said, I also have an Xvive Echoman, which is a memory man knockoff in a mini form. It’s a great analog delay, that I’d recommend if you need a simple...
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    Reverend Double Agent OG

    My Reverend is the only guitar that I didn’t have to adjust. Played amazingly well right out of the box.
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    What is the best Gibson protector guitar stand?

    I have some On-Stage stands that have a little flip-down lever that makes up part of the piece that cradles the neck. The neck can't fall out of the stand, you have to flip the lever down to get it out. But, if I were to buy a new one, it would probably be one of those Hercules stands that grip...
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    Who has a guitar with a frequensator tailpiece?

    I’m not sure it really does anything, but it looks cool. The string length is an issue. I can barely get the wound part,of the D string on the post for most sets of strings.
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    Almost end of the season (Great Lakes Shipping)

    I don’t know how they get those big ore boats down the Cuyahoga River here in Cleveland but they do. I will be glad if/when Erie freezes over because right now we are getting pounded with lake effect snow. I was in Duluth once. I liked it, but it was June. Not sure how I’d feel this time of...
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    How Wings Create Lift (Bernoulli's principle stands corrected.)

    You are absolutely right that lift cannot be explained simply. When people try they ultimately oversimplify and start violating physics. The funny thing is that a complete understanding of lift isn’t really necessary to build a plane. If you ask most aero engineers they will give you some...
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    How Wings Create Lift (Bernoulli's principle stands corrected.)

    There is a pressure difference across the airfoil. But what causes that difference is usually explained incorrectly. If you are willing to invest some time, Prof. Babinsky’s explanation is excellent and doesn’t involve too much math. He is a professor at Cambridge in the UK and is a great...
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    Any advice on getting some kind of debris out of an 1/8th inch headphone jack?

    I bought a set of what looks like dental picks at harbor freight. They are super useful for jobs like this.

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