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    Baja neck on Squier Classic Vibe?

    Yeah there's always the chance that the pocket holes won't line up, even though the CVs are mostly vintage specs. (The pot and jack nuts are metric for example) But if you don't like the thinner CV neck then the Baja neck will be nice on the pine body. Just be patient All in, the CV 50s...
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    Fender ever made Strat w/12" rad. and medium frets?

    My 1983 2 knob Standard Strat is probably one of the best necks I ever played on. Rosewood fret board, 12" radius and a little wider at the nut. It has 21 frets, a four bolt neck with micro-tilt adjustment plate.
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    Cracked Top, What Now?

    Buy this: Follow this (especially the Bob Taylor videos at the bottom): Make sure you put the guitar in a case. It may take a while because even the case is probably made of wood and will suck a lot of moisture from the sponge...
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    NBD - Rickenbacker 4003 Midnight Blue

    Love the midnight blue. Just did a tidying up of my friends late 80s 4003S - note the lack of binding. I put the Thomastik Jazz strings on and they are awesome on that bass. What strings is yours wearing?
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    Telecaster Homebuilt ehics

    You know, Fender is partly to blame for this. If their replacement necks didn't have the headstock decal but just had a brand burned on the heel like Allparts or Warmoth, we wouldn't even be having this discussion, methinks. It's a Partscaster. It's a nice Partscaster, but still a...
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    Replacing nut so that E strings move further inward

    Ok, I have to stop a misconception.... If the linear measure of a nut width is the same, a smaller radius actually has more room between strings, not less compared to a larger radius. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The straighter the line the shorter the distance.
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    The Nashville Tele Club!

    It's a great guitar, except the bridge pickups are out of phase from the factory. I reversed the polarity with a neodymium magnet and all is well. Build quality is every bit as good as my 2017 Chinese Classic Vibe Tele or my USA Performer Tele.
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    The Nashville Tele Club!

    10-15 years ago Squier made these in India under the Vintage Modified moniker. SSH Tele as purchased: After a few mods.
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    DIY Tele, black staining

    Your picture looks like Ash with no grain filler. It looks great because it's an open pore wood. Alder is a closed grain and won't show the beautiful grain patterns of a wood like Ash. It's just going to look like flat black paint.
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    Tele 3 pickup wiring 3 way switch push-pull tone?

    There's always my way. Every combo, including all off.
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    70's Telecaster Custom with replacement body

    A maxed truss rod? Won't a small spacer give you more threads for adjustment? If there aren't enough threads, stewmac sells tools to cut new threads. The rescue tools would be cheaper than a new neck.
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    Beginning Another Partscaster

    Tortoise looks great with an Olympic White that has yellowed to a nice buttermilk color. One of my favorite looks.
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    Fender made in USA components, how many of these are made in the Mex factory?

    Wow, you have reading comprehension issues In an earlier post, the same person posted the following: "The ONLY things they do not make in house are the tuning machines and the pots/switches (which have been externally sourced going back to 1950). EVERYTHING else is made in house." That was...
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    Tele Neck Pickup: single coil, humbucker, or P90?

    Rats, now look what you made me find... Now I need one of these: