At 13, Jeremy Green began sneaking into his older brother’s room to play a tobacco-burst, Ibanez Custom Roadstar guitar. With that first hit of the strings and heavily influenced by Randy Rhoads (Ozzy) and Tony Iommi (Sabbath), he practiced well over 10 hours a day after purchasing his own guitar: A 1981 Les Paul Custom.

At 16, he hit the stage in almost every major venue in and around Toronto, often lying about his age so he could perform. Outside of gigging, Jeremy became a highly successful and in-demand guitar teacher in the late 80’s and 90’s to support his art. He became known for his high velocity playing in the style of Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa and Eric Johnson.

A creative guy across the board, his art skills led him to start a successful media and graphic design company in 1999. With music falling a short step behind his corporate career, Jeremy casually became the best kept secret in the Toronto area, known only to other musicians who knew to keep watch of this phenomenal player that forever sees himself as a student of the guitar, quietly educating himself in private lessons with Oz Noy. Playing with Steve Vai, Andy Timmons, Larry Mitchell and Devon Townshend at the Vai Academy. Starting the popular guitar blog: sixstringobsession (with over 600,000 reads and counting). Only Guitar Player Magazine gave hint to his whereabouts when they featured him in 2010.

However, his current pursuits are unearthing Jeremy Green onto the Toronto scene yet again. His latest solo projects have Terry Brown, Producer of Rush, saying “…very cool, great playing and production – super whacky/clever ideas…” and Dave Chester of Chalet Studios claiming, “Wow…amazing! Awesome guitar ripping…a nod also to Zappa…”.

His new ventures are proving Jeremy can no longer remain understated. His gift for songwriting partners with his ever-evolving guitar skills that continue to execute a rich, hard-rock sound with evidence of a seasoned, jazz-influenced player.
April 13
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2017 Kotzen Tele, 89 Strat Deluxe Plus, 81 Les Paul Custom, 2012 Gibsin SG, Custom Johnson guitar, Faaaarrrr too many pedals and amps to list


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