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    The comeback of chorus?

    I always liked the sound of a delay with a chorus mode. A little bit of chorus seems to go well with acoustic or clean electric in some music. I tried a Visual Sound chorus and it was an all or nothing deal. It was a big, lush effect but I never could get a good clean/wet mix with it turned...
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    My Latest PartsCaster.....

    Update……. I haven’t put this one down since I finished it. It was not holding a tune very well at first, but it is getting better. So now my first partscaster is looking like junk compared to this one so I’m thinking about getting one of the Warmouth Strat hybrid bodies and rebuilt it. It has...
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    Everything Sounds Better...Quiet???

    I see a new pedal in my crystal ball…….. The Embiggener.
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    My Latest PartsCaster.....

    Several years ago I bought a Squier VM Telecaster that I just never bonded with. I tried many modifications and never really got it to ring any bells for me. a few weeks ago I decided to just part it out an let the chips fall where they may. The body was very heavy and it had a poly finish one...
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    Compressor pedals ? What do you use?

    MXR Dyna Comp Deluxe. It cures any issue I had with the Dyna Comp.…….I think it is the hidden treasure in the comp world.
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    I sure could use a Tech21 Trademark 60 right now.

    This is my TM 10 that I converted to a head. The cab got damaged along the way, so I just rehoused it. It has a lot of features for such a small amp and it sounds pretty good into a cab……. I thought the blue was pretty cool too.
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    Help me find an Overdrive

    J Rockett…….The Dude
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    Looking for Opinions on the Eminence V128 Speaker

    Balanced is good for my setup. My amps all seem to have a generous treble response and would likely benefit from a bit less treble response fron the speaker.
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    Looking for Opinions on the Eminence V128 Speaker

    I just listened to some sound clips of the WGS Veteran 30 and it was very impressive too. This speaker will go in a 1x12 closed back cab and low volume use. The 60 watt rating of the WGS is more attractive to me. I typically like the sound of lower power rated speakers at low volume. I don’t...
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    Can the Finish aFfect the Sound?

    I went through this exercise a few years ago with Strats. I modified a couple of them with limited results. Then I bought a Fender American Strat and I no longer want anything else from a Strat.…..and I only have that one Strat now. I am not too far from doing that with my Teles. It is fun to...
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    Public service announcement- police your screws.

    A similar thing happened to me with a used amp. The shipper just put the amp in a big box and filled it with styrofoam peanuts. In spite of my best effort, one of those peanuts found it’s way between the speaker cone and the basket….. it sounded like poo-poo until I found that peanut.
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    Can the Finish aFfect the Sound?

    It actually was noticeably heavier than my other Teles. That will be worth the effort id it turns out a little lighter…. And the belly and arm cuts. …… more blasphemy…… teles should have belly and arm cuts.
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    Can the Finish aFfect the Sound?

    Wow….. I didn’t know this was a touchy subject. It seems this might have been discussed before… LOL
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    Can the Finish aFfect the Sound?

    My answer previously would have been no, as well…..but I have never encountered such a thick finish on a guitar. It was extreme. I guess I am going to find out. I am stripping it, going with a lacquer finish, putting belly and arm cuts on it and going back with new electronics………
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    I honestly can't hear a difference between tube and solid state amps.

    I have a VHT Special 6 Head and a Katana MkII Head….both fairly well regarded but, yes very different. I played them both through the same cab, same everything……just swapped the heads. Sound=clean… practice room volume. The VHT sounds glorious…. just turn it on and play. Keely reverb and a...