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    Is music a competition?

    Musicians are in competition with one another for an audience. Audiences tend to listen to what they like. People evaluate what we like by rating one thing better or not as good as another. Regardless of a kind of altruistic, "music is not a competition" philosophy, it is a de facto competition...
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    Do you carry a pocket knife?

    I love Sodbusters. I have a bunch of Cases and the other major knockoffs but as small as they are, I get bugged by their presence in my pocket. The only EDC I can stand is the WorkPro folding utility knife. Nice and flat, under three inches closed and uses standard utility blades.
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    Songs you never get tired of...

    “If I Needed Someone” by the Beatles.
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    Songs you like better than the artist's "big" hit.

    "The Boys Are Back In Town" and "Dream Weaver" get played more on "Classic Rock" stations.
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    Songs you like better than the artist's "big" hit.

    Here are a few of my favorites which fit this category. "Canned Ham" by Norman Greenbaum "Just What the Doctor Ordered" by Ted Nugent "Jailbreak" by Thin Lizzy "Victim of Love" by The Eagles "Love is Alive" by Gary Wright I'll probably think of some more.
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    Songs I never want to hear again.....

    I had never heard that "song" before, but I am now 100% with you. Literally the stupidest thing I ever heard.
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    What countries and/or states have you lived in?

    Virginia Pennsylvania Philippine Islands
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    Do you have a least favorite progression?

    I do not mind the I V vi IV and variations thereof but I do not like I I7 IV iv. It sounds kind of pretentious or something. It’s like the composer is trying to say, “See how hip I am?”
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    Can someone explain these chords?

    Em7b5 would be x7878x. He's playing x7989x.
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    All your guitars are destroyed ... you have 2000$

    Two Variaxes. Standard (SSS) and JTV-59 (HH). Nice guitars analog and any model I would need in Variax mode.
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    Happy Birthday (Little) Peggy March

    Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero = Connie Francis Robert Louis Ridarelli = Bobby Rydell Walden Robert Cassotto = Bobby Darin Anthony Dominick Benedetto = Tony Bennett Dino Paul Crocetti = Dean Martin Francesco Paolo LoVecchio = Frankie Laine Lugee Alfredo Giovanni Sacco = Lou Christie
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    Happy Birthday (Little) Peggy March

    Margaret Annemarie Battavio. Many Italian singers either changed or Americanized their names in those days.
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    Substitute Cm for A major for Dock of the Bay fills??

    I couldn't open the library link you posted, but I found of video of that fellow playing "Dock of the Bay" and he never once played Cm in this clip. Wonder why he wrote out the lesson that way.
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    Blues guys who have served

    Yes, the words read like the blues, but to me there are way too many unguitarlike noises in the song, "Machine Gun.' I can't really listen to it. It does not sound like the blues, to me. "Red House," on the other hand, is one of my all-time favorite blues songs - Smash Hits' studio version only...
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    Blues guys who have served

    Is this blues?

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