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    Fender Deluxe Reverb

    Hi, I own a 1971 SF Deluxe Reverb. Did anybody install a vintage P12N in this amp (or the BF model) ? I tried a P12Q already but it cannot handle the punch of the amp. Thanks in advance !
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    body wood vs tone

    Hi, I have put together a couple of Teles and sometimes it became obvious that one singular Tele did not sound as good as others but thinner and les harmonically rich. I recently made such a new experience with two Teles which are almost identical: same necks, same pups, same hardware in...
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    Deluxe Reverb Reissue vs. Silver Face

    Vintage Jensen power ratings Hi, I heard some quite different power ratings for vintage Jensen speakers (concert series; P12 series and P15 series): a P12Q seems to be given some 25 W and a P12N even some 50 W (the P12P somewhere in between). On the other hand I heard a couple of times that...
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    Tweed Twin vs Tweed Pro

    Hi guys, I have a 5E3 Tweed Deluxe I'm very happy with but I want to have an amp which is a bit bigger in tone - with 6L6 tubes. Does anybody now the difference in tone between a low power tweed Twin and and a tweed Pro? Thanls in advance.
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    Marshall JTM30

    Hi, does anybody know if the Marshall JTM30 is point-to-point handwired or equipped with a PCB ? Thanks
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    Bandmaster vs Twin

    Hi everybody, does anybody know the difference between a Tweed Bandmaster and a Tweed Twin (low power version), in particular regarding the tone, dynamics and breakup ? I use so far a Tweed Deluxe I'm very happy with but I am looking for an amp which offers a basically the same warm sound...
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    6L6 in SF Deluxe Reverb

    Hi, did anybody experience 6L6 tubes in a SF Deluxe Reverb (BF circuit however). Is it possible to run the amp with those tubes without damaging it and how does it affect tone ? Shall bias be reajusted at the usual lvel of say 420v on the plates ? Thanks in advance.
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    Lindy Fralin Blues Special

    Hi, refering to my earlier post, what are your experiences with the Lindy Fralin Blues Special in the neck postion ? I checked out some forums and some people were complaining about a lot of hum in the in-between position. I am looking for a replacement pup for one of my Teles, with a...
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    Tele Neck Pups

    I'll check it out - thanx for sharing your experience ! I never heard of them ! Best regards Olaf
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    Tele Neck Pups

    Hi Steve, that sounds great ! what do you use as an amp ?!
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    Tele Neck Pups

    Hi, I play exclusively Teles, totally customized with necks from Warmoth and USA Custom, Callaham bridges - you know the stuff. Concerning pick-ups, my Teles are Strat-style wired with a Seymour Duncan Antiquity (Surfer) in the middle position and .... Harmonic Design pups (vintage plus and...
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    Lovepedal Amp 50

    Hi, I did anyone experience pedals from Lovepdals ? I'm playing Teles thru Tweed Deluxe, SF DR and SF SR; I own a Keeley modded TS9 and a Boss Blues Driver 2. However, the best tone (for Blues) I can get is with one of the amps just cranked up. How do the COT50 / AMP50 (are these 2...
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    Body wood and weight

    Hi, I play two Teles: one in (light) swamp ash and one in (quite heavy) alder; the sound of the former is brighter with a bit more pop, the sound of the latter is rounder and fuller. So far with the "classics". However, I feel more confortable with the heavier alder body and wanna buy a...
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    Tweed Deluxe vs Marshall

    Thanks - this input is really helpful !!
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    Tweed Deluxe vs Marshall

    Hi, I love my Tweed Deluxe but I am also becoming more interested in the Marshall sound. Two questions I would be happy to get your advice upon: 1. Do they really sound different - and if so, where's the difference soundwie ? 2. What are the differences between the Bluesbraker and the...