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    Nancy Wilson playing a Gibson ES 335

    The clip isn't ideal to ID the guitar from but the pointier horns, block inlays, stop tailpiece and wide bevel pickguard suggest '63-'64 being the likely date for this guitar. The 335 moved to a trapeze tailpiece in Jan '65 and the narrow bevel pickguard phases in around '67 so those features...
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    Eastman T64 - To Bigsby or not to Bigsby?

    Vintage ABR tunomatics rock a fair bit just through the posts flexing and slop in the mounting holes, certainly enough to make a difference with a Bigsby setup. Gibson experimented with domed thumbwheels in the 60s as well to encourage the bridge to rock with a vibrato. The 60s style nylon...
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    Eastman T64 - To Bigsby or not to Bigsby?

    Regarding B7 vs B3/B6, the B7 is the Bigsby that's designed to work with guitars where the bridge is mounted directly to the top, and the B3/B6 is designed for guitars where the bridge is mounted onto a base of some sort. The issue fitting a B3/B6 to a 330/Casino style guitar is that there often...
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    The closest I'll ever come to owning a real Bigsby

    Gorgeous! I've always wanted to try one of these but I've never seen one in the flesh - very cool and interesting guitars though.
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    ES-335 Vintage Pickup Suggestions

    I have Seth Lovers in a 1966 ES335. In all honesty, I bought it online because it was really cheap for a late 60s 335 even allowing for some changed parts and my plan was to put it back to stock and still be ahead on the deal, and I changed most of the parts but the Seths I just daren't touch on...
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    Why The Earlier (pre-96) Mik Epiphone Sheraton Is A Quality Instrument

    It's funny to read my comments on early Kalamazoo Sheratons from six years ago - especially as this just entered the fold! I eventually sold my Samick made Sheraton - lovely guitar, but I ended up not playing it much and it went to someone who seemed really smitten with it.
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    Rickenbacker 200 Series Information

    Yeah, I feel like they're one of the more interesting Rics to own - not too expensive and likely to have their own thing going on. I really like the 480 as well, I was offered one earlier in the year but we couldn't agree on a price, but it's been haunting me so perhaps I should have offered a...
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    Rickenbacker 200 Series Information

    I've always been curious about these and even out low bids in on a couple over the years but never had any extended time with one. My understanding of the pickups is they were a forerunner of the HB1 humbucker which was used in the John Kays and subsequently the 650 series. They're very high...
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    Les Paul Jr with neck pickup. Build or buy?

    Might be worth looking at Gordon Smith guitars in the UK - they make a great LP Junior style guitar, will customise as required and would happily accomodate a CC in the neck position for you.
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    I touched a 335 today.

    Thanks! It's so nice, that Crest - they're really underrated.
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    I touched a 335 today.

    I absolutely love the 335 series of guitars, more than any other guitar design. Here's my little family of them:
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    Tell me about your vintage archtops!

    Gorgeous! I had the tenor version of this guitar for many years, a really lovely guitar. I like the weird three circle red burst, unique to this design as far as I know. Here are my current two acoustic archtops. The first is an Epiphone Blackstone, I think it's a '46. The top was sanded down...
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    What was the purpose behind introducing the Gibson ES-330?

    I think people are perhaps making a mistake in viewing this through 21st century eyes and seeing a much more complex picture that would have been the case in 1958. There weren't the same multiple genres of guitar music in the fifties that we have today, rather Gibson viewed the electric guitar...