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    Pro and Cons Archtop vs Acoustic

    Arch tops have more to offer than a flat top, You can adjust intonation better and they can have a larger neck radius. They can be just as loud as a dreadnought guitar if you get a concerto size one. The down side is they require more attention on the upkeep and are generally heavier then a flat...
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    The new Weird Al Yankovic movie!

    Did you also know that John Madden graduated from Cal Poly and his first coaching job was at Allen Hancock college.
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    The new Weird Al Yankovic movie!

    Did you know Weird AL did his first record where I now live. Where he went to collage Sanluis Obispo CA. In 1978, he released his first recording (as Alfred Yankovic), "Take Me Down", on the LP, Slo Grown,
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    I own a few fire fly guitars one a FFTH knock off Thin line it needed a little work like widening the pocket so the neck could be lined up better. and fret ends dressed. Cost me $150. I also have a Fire fly resonator which also needed a little work like lowering the bridge fo good action cost me...
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    Gimme Three Songs

    Here is what is considered the first song featuring distortion by Link Wray Rumble
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    Gimme Three Songs

    Here is what many consider the first R&B song by Louis Jordan. Saturday Nite fish fry
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    I hit a deer last evening

    get some of these and mount them where air will flow around and thru them they work.
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    Do you have guitars dedicated to slide playing?

    I use my resonator for both when I want to make it a slide I use a nut riser that fits over the existing nut. I use standard tuning and 10 gage strings.
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    Questions about preamp pedals, Kantana MKii and return input

    I had to look it up in the manual and the power amp in is for going direct to the power amp which bypasses the preamp of the amp. The effects loop is for running with the preamp or in parallel which bypasses preamp if it is the 100 model and I am guessing that for the stereo use you hook up...
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    What Makes an Amp a "Good Pedal Platform"?

    You want an amp that has a clean sound not heavy bass or high treble or all mids a balanced clean sound then you want to be able to go as high in the volume as you can before it starts to lose the clean balanced sound. Now even if you get an amp that will do that you must consider the type of...
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    Fuzz for Humbuckers...

    The solution I came up with involved a pedal switcher so it may not be what you want to do. But I have a Tube OD pedal and it sounds really good when the volume is up way past unity so I decided to put a EQ after it for two reasons one was to help shape the tone better and the other was to lower...
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    Riddle me this Batman....

    Where in the octave range do the chords, fall can help in deciding which key it is. Like if the lowest chord voiced is the Am and all the other chords are above it in the octave range it should be considered more in Am If the C chord is the lowest voiced then I would consider it to be in C...
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    Albums you love that are rarely mentioned by anyone else?

    I have a few not many mention but are out standing. Captain Beyond it is a super group Captain Beyond Rod Evans – lead vocals Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt – guitars Lee Dorman – bass, backing vocals, piano Bobby Caldwell – drums, percussion, bells, vibraphone, backing vocals, piano Then another...
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    The Diminished Chord in a Major Chord Scale

    The diminished chord means it is two sets of stacked minor thirds the 7 is not normally used in this aspect it is not three stacks of three only two stacks of three. I believe the 7 is used as a flat or minor position because then it becomes a sub tonic instead of a leading tone which helps it...