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    Luthier guitar show yesterday

    Gorgeous. I'd love to have that!
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    When you book the trip, you are now on Aloha time!

    My wife and I picked Maui and Kauai for our trip there seven years ago, our 25th anniversary. Loved it. From what I've been told, both Islands are very different that Oahu. Much smaller, less populated, less developed, which is exactly what we were after. Had a fabulous time, with a week on...
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    Overnight flights suck

    Flying from Toronto via LA to Tahiti this summer. Pretty much non-stop. Not looking forward to that flight. Thirteen hours in the air, and a whopping time difference. And, the flight arrives in Tahiti at 5AM. Crispy, blood shot, very sore eyes.
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    Guitars are just tools, right?

    Never been a fan of Costello, so I'll just leave that alone. However, tools are a craft person's work of art. They can be likened to functional pieces of art. There's furniture, and then there's furniture. There's bicycles and then there's bicycles, there's turn tables and then there's turn...
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    Stupid person Crashes Ford GT

    The ubiquitous "Florida man", strikes again.
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    Tired of my 5e3

    OMG. Snip, nip, tuck?? :o Not sure what your "brand" (incarnation) is, but I have a Fender 57' Custom Deluxe (stock, minus the tubes), and I cannot imagine a more perfect amp (not the only amp, but incredible at what it does). To each their own.
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    What type of snake is this?

    I'd guess a norther water snake, or a rat snake. What shape are the pupils? If they're round, it's not poisonous.
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    Locking tuner upgrade?

    I've had them all, and I honestly don't have a preference, aside from the aesthetics. If a guitar didn't already have them on, I wouldn't buy them. That being said, I have Fender-branded locking tuners that came as stock on my 2011 Custom Shop Deluxe Strat, but then it's not a vintage spec...
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    Looking for your expert opinion/advice - 5E3

    I believe that your dreams can be realized with @muchxs Contact him, if no one else has not already suggested so. (I did not read through the entire thread).
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    Strat vs Tele question

    I have a 2011 CS Strat (in three colour sunburst - a colour pattern that I love) with Master Design PUs. They're standard, single coils. I've had that guitar for about ten years, and love the tone from it. I also have the whammy bar attached, and while it does not get used that much, I figure...
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    The Day After Easter - And It Is Snowing In Northeast Ohio

    Looks like we're on the mend here in southern Ontario, at least in Toronto. Going to be 11C today, mix of sun and cloud, and inching up to 20C on Sunday. 20C is way outside of normal for this time of year here, but then again so is the 4C and snow that we had on Monday. I'll take 20C...
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    OD pedal that works well with a 57' Deluxe.

    I think you need to read what I have posted previously instead of knee-jerk responses to posts you agree with. READ!!!
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    OD pedal that works well with a 57' Deluxe.

    My experience does not resemble what you have described. I purchased the Demon Pedal "Kondo Shifuku" and realized that to make it sound full, as well as overdriven, an EQ pedal would likely be required. That was advice came from @darkwaters, and right he was. I bought the MXR ten band EQ...
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    The Day After Easter - And It Is Snowing In Northeast Ohio

    We were in for a wild one yesterday in Toronto. I couldn't believe the size of the snow flakes. However, it was gone by this morning, though some more may be on the way today. This week is promising to be a roller coaster for weather. Today the high is projected to be just 4C, but Sunday...

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