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    Suggestions for tele pickups please?

    Yup. Get the Wilde L298 bridge and L280 neck. Never mind this thread is 12 years old!
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    Solid State amp you've known and loved,,, or hated,

    Unfortunately, those videos give a horrible impression of the great sound of these amps. I don't know what those guys did to record them, but sheesh. On my Gold Estoc, plug in and get a great sound. No twiddling needed, just setting quickly. Even so, there is great versatility. Clean? Yes...
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    Your Favorite Amp

    I bought a Pritchard Gold Estoc in early 2020 and I don't expect to need another amp unless I find one with a 10" speaker just to have a smaller one. Amazing amp.
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    Morphine - Live in MTV (120 Minutes) 1995

    Dang, that's a helluva double bill!
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    Morphine - Live in MTV (120 Minutes) 1995

    Treat Her Right was a fun band. I got to see them in Maine when I lived there back in the early 90s.
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    Morphine - Live in MTV (120 Minutes) 1995

    I don't remember the bass, but he put two strings on it and used a slide. When he was in the previous band, Treat Her Right, Mark used a guitar with an octave divider for bass.
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    Classic Tele Sound - Wilde Pickup recommendation please

    I've swapped around so many of the Wildes in my guitars. I'm waiting on some AlNiCo MCs for my Strat, which currently has the 290/280 set. I love them. My favorites for a few years have been the standard L290/280s both in my Strat and Tele. I just don't have to fiddle with the settings at all...
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    Morphine - Live in MTV (120 Minutes) 1995

    Saw them in Boston late 90s. So damn good.
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    Solid State amp you've known and loved,,, or hated,

    Does anyone know if Eric Pritchard is still alive? Website is gone. I emailed with him end of 2019 but I tried a few months back and it bounced.
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    Stop me before I take a sander to my Tele!!

    I can’t play square tele bodies due to arm pain. Now a days you can order contoured bodies but 30 years ago I put them in myself and did a great job. But that was before finishing the wood. I might pay someone else with a finished guitar.
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    Wilde Pickups - Tele 3 Way Wiring Diagram Help

    215kohm is close enough to 200k. Try it without first. If the bridge pickup is too bright then add it in. The 80kohm/300nf combo is treble bleed. I really like that one but note it evens out the volume taper a bit, which I like. Try it, if you don’t like it try the Kinman treble bleed.
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    Pickups for tele build.

    Put some Wilde Microcoils in and it will kick some butkus.
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    Trem units?

    I put one of these on a Strat and it's wonderful. My only complaint is that I would like the arm to have a more vintage, upward bend. It's pretty straight. I wrote the company a couple times asking if they could do one for me like that, but they didn't reply to either inquiry. On the other hand...
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    Looking for hum-cancelling tele pickups, feeling a bit lost

    Wildes. Inexpensive, high quality, transparent sound.
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    fralin pickups

    If I couldn’t get Wilde/Bill n Becky n Shannon pickups, I’d get Fralins. BTW I saw his band a few years ago and his sound was outstanding.

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