James J LaRue

1985 MIJ '52 spec Tele
1999 CIJ Jerry Donahue Tele, Hot Rails, series/parallel toggle
homemade mahog Tele/Kahler/strat neck
1984 Carvin V220
Carvin Ultra V
Hohner/Steinberger G3T, heavily modified

Bicycles, Cats, Lizards, Computers
La Mesa, CA, USA
Your amps and other gear
Krank Krankenstein - Metal
Vintage 70's blue sparkle Kustom Sidewinder - Country, Funk, Jazz
Ever Changing Pedalboard, Amplitube plugin for recording.
Guitar Instructor, Audio Engineer, Aspiring Produc


"If you want to play music, don't become a professional musician." -Robert Fripp