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    G&L's Placentia, the worst name for a product line ever?

    With you 100%.
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    Does size matter? Speaking of frets of course. What are advantages and disadvantages between different fret sizes

    I can deal with pretty much any fret wire. I prefer tall and narrow, it just seems to work better for me. But I can play anything as long as they are not TOO low. Some of those old Gibson wide/low frets don’t do it for me at all. I like some daylight between my finger and the fretboard when I...
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    How does one cure impulsiveness?

    Tools are a rabbit hole. I had a huge collection I built from about the time I was fifteen years old to about the time I was 40. Much of it was stuff that had belonged to my dad, or stuff he’d given me as gifts when I was young. It was all stolen when my garage was burglarized while we were...
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    Chewing gum while supposed to be a professional

    I can’t chew gum. I can’t chew anything for too long. It gives me an excruciating and pretty much unmanageable headache. That said- Maybe treat the conversation gently. The person in question may not even realize they’re doing it. Not that they don’t realize they’re chewing gum, they obviously...
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    Tongue cancer.

    Sorry to hear about this, Larry. Truly. Hoping you get to feeling better and get past the pain stage as quickly as possible.
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    Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster & ???

    This one, of course. Then I’d sell the other two cause I’d never play them anymore. No really, that happened.
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    Anti hum painting mess is over

    Nice wiring scheme. And graph tech saddles. Looks familiar…
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    What crazy guitar would you like to own some day?

    I want an early USA BC Rich Mockingbird, for sure. I also want a Ric 620 real badly. And I want a first run Richie Sambora Strat with the star inlays. Because it was my childhood dream and I never got have one.
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    So, 15 years

    Me too.
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    "Perfect" gigging amp

    @Wally is kind of an authority on those old Prosonics. Might be worth shipping the chassis to him, if he’s amenable.
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    "Perfect" gigging amp

    Is the classic 50 any lighter than an AC30? I had mine the same time as my Twin, and the Peavey was heavier. So was my JCM 900 4102 combo. Maybe you could find a classic 50 head and do a lightweight 2x12 cab.
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    Should I try an Orange Super Crush 100?

    My crush 35RT freakin KILLS at that sound. It does not however, do it at low volume if that’s what you’re after. It’s not the way I usually play, but if you crank the clean channel wide open and use your volume knob, it’ll do pretty much anything you want. Of course at that point even the 35 it...
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    NAD...ORange Crush 35RT

    I’ve tried the Katanas several times. I can’t get a decent sound out of one, either. I love my 35RT. Love it. I use it at home because it has an Aux in and headphone out, so it’s a great tool for learning guitar or bass tunes silently. I also set it up once a week as the second guitar amp...
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    What’s in a name?

    I have a friend named Thor. It’s crazy how many people don’t believe him when he introduces himself.
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    Advice Needed on Buying a Strat

    The new MIJ JV 60’s Modified is an amazing guitar that has the features you want. It has the larger late 60’s headstock and logo, which I think is a plus, but some people hate. It’s much nicer guitar than anything from Mexico currently on the wall at my local GC. And has better fret and nut work...