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    Flatwound guitar strings -- when (and how) to change?

    They are brighter than any other flat wound strings I've found. They stay in tune very well, and seem to last longer than most.
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    Flatwound guitar strings -- when (and how) to change?

    If you think you don't like the sound of flatwounds try Magma strings. (no affiliation, just really like them)
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    52 Vintage Hot Rod Bridge Pickup vs Seymour Duncan Broadcaster

    The SD Hot for Tele is my favorite bridge pickup.
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    Hank Williams - (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle

    Great song, I've been playing it for more years than I like to admit to.
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    MJT & Mighty Mite neck. And it's GREEN!

    The sound you are describing is typical of Thinlines.
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    Is there a upgraded 6 saddle top loader tele bridge?

    Look at Hipshot, if they don't have one, they do custom work, just give them a call.
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    looking for an acoustic guitar strap that attaches to the peghead

    Martin guitars make a leather piece that goes around the headstock that has a button for a strap.
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    Why Telecaster?

    Jazz to Twang by turning one knob. Easy to mod. (I mod everything)
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    Brass Saddles Glendale, Callaham or other

    It just depends on your budget and what you want it to look like. I have used most of them and it's hard to go very wrong. I currently have Rutters and a combination of Hipshot with Bensonite saddles.
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    Size / shape of route vs tone?

    Not in my experience. I enlarged an ash body to take a CC pickup and when I put the old pickguard and pickup back in it sounded as it always had.
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    NGD Honeyburst Performer

    Great looker.
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    NGD, a really old Hondo Les Paul

    I had one of those in the mid-70s. Had the lowest action of any guitar I've had before or since. Never measured it, but it was LOW! Got it from a pawn shop for small change and it had DiMarizo Distortion pickups. Didn't have the sound I wanted, but is sure played nice.
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    perfect guitar

    Pretty much all Teles. Love them single coils!
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    Block Party

    Nice looking axe, I like it a lot.
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    Where are all the organs?

    I used to work in a TV store that sold the ones with the built in sound effects, drum beats and such. They sounded so bad, used to drive me crazy when the salesman would fire them up. In shopping malls they would drive customers away. So cheesy.